10 Unexpected Things You Can Put In A Washing Machine

Washing machines are undoubtedly among the must-have household appliances. But apart from using them to wash your clothes such as T-shirts, jeans and dresses, there are other things you can actually throw in the washing machine. That said, here are 10 Unexpected Things You Can Put in a Washing Machine.

1) Sneakers

Got a pair of canvas or nylon sneakers full of dirt, grime and stains? Well, you can get them clean by throwing them into the washing machine. But first, remember to remove the laces (to prevent your sneakers from tangling issues) before putting them into a zipped mesh bag (you can easily get them at bargain stores, say Mr D.I.Y. and Daiso). Set the washing machine on a delicate or gentle cycle and air dry them once the washing completes.

Here’s a helpful tip: Throw in a couple of bath towels as well. This will help muffle the banging noises when you clean your sneakers in the washing machine.

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2) Backpacks

Just like sneakers, backpacks tend to get dirty over time. You need to unzip each of your backpack’s pockets and check if there are dirt, debris and whatnot to get rid of them. Then, slip your backpack into a mesh bag and wash in a delicate or gentle cycle. In case you don’t have a mesh bag or it’s too small to fit in, flip your backpack inside out before washing. This is to ensure the straps stay secure while avoiding getting caught or tangled during the washing process. Once done, air dry your backpack completely.

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3) Yoga Mats

Unless your yoga mat happens to be washing machine-friendly, please refrain yourself from throwing it into the machine. Otherwise, simply throw your yoga mat in the washing machine on a delicate or gentle cycle. Remember to air dry it flat on a surface once the washing completes.

Image Credit: yogajournal.com

4) Pillows

Those pillows that you have been sleeping on, hugging and putting your legs on… well, they need to be sanitised over time. The reason? Dead skin cells, dust mites and dust. Wash one or two pillows at a time in a delicate or gentle cycle with regular detergent (remember to remove the pillowcase(s) beforehand). You can also add in a fabric softener as well. Use the warm/hot water setting since it helps to eliminate most bacteria that is caught in your dirty pillow(s).

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5) Caps/Baseball Caps

If you often wear a cap whenever you’re out for a casual walk or jog, it can get accumulated with dirt and grime. Thankfully, you can wash it in the washing machine with regular detergent. Use the cold water setting on a delicate or gentle cycle and allow it to air dry once it’s done.

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6) Car Mats

While you can always use a mini vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust and specks, you should wash them as well. With the help of a washing machine, that is. Simply wash them in cold water on a delicate or gentle cycle and hang them dry.

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7) Stuffed Animals

Give your little one’s favourite teddy bear or stuffed bunny a well-deserved spring clean… by throwing it in the washing machine. But of course, make sure you place it in a mesh bag and use the cold water setting (hot or warm water can potentially melt the trimmings of the stuffed animal). You only need half the usual amount of detergent. And finally, to ensure you get all the soap out, run it for another rinse cycle. Allow the wet stuffed animal to air dry.

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8) Window/Shower Curtains

When was the last time you washed your curtains? Well, if you can’t recall at all, now’s the right time to do so. You can wash your window or shower curtains to remove dust, dirt and gunk that have accumulated over time. Set the washing machine on the delicate or gentle cycle with warm water and use regular detergent. Cotton, polyester, rayon and plastic curtains are typically suitable for machine wash.

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9) Belts

The belts that you wear on your favourite jeans or trousers will get dirty over time. The good news is, you can wash it in the machine but make sure to slip your belt in a mesh bag beforehand. You do not want your belt’s metal buckles to ruin your machine during the cycle. Air dry your belt once it’s done. Keep in mind the likes of woven and nylon belts are suitable for machine wash, but never toss in your leather belt.

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10) Small Toys

Believe it or not, you can actually clean your kids’ small toys in a washing machine. Just throw them in a mesh bag and set the washing machine in a delicate or gentle cycle.

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