10 Types Of Sandwiches You Should Know

10 Types Of Sandwiches You Should Know

A sandwich refers to two (or more) slices of bread layered with a filling between them. It happens to be a versatile food best eaten for breakfast or any time of the day such as lunch or teatime. It’s easy to make at home and if you are lazy, you can always order them in most restaurants, cafes or bakeries. Below are the 10 Types of Sandwiches You Should Know.

1) Club Sandwich

Here’s a classic sandwich that you probably come across in most restaurant, cafe or bakery menus. The sandwich in question is typically layered with different ingredients. This includes protein (e.g. chicken or turkey) and other add-ons such as tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise. Depending on the places, club sandwiches are cut into halves or quarters. Interestingly enough, the word “club” in this particular type of sandwich happens to be an acronym, which actually stands for “chicken and lettuce under bacon” (c-l-u-b).

Types of Sandwiches #1: Club Sandwich
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2) Open-Faced Sandwich

Just as the name suggests, an open-faced sandwich reveals its filling… well, in the open. In other words, you will find a single slice of bread with a filling sitting on the top. Think of it as a canapé and you get the idea. Fillings can be varied from the likes of cold-cut meat to assorted veggies with a layer of butter and cheese slices.

Type of Sandwiches #2: Open-Faced Sandwich
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3) Banh Mi Sandwich

If you dine at any Vietnamese restaurant or cafe before, you should be familiar with their banh mi sandwiches. They are actually Vietnamese baguettes filled with grilled meat, namely chicken or pork. Some of the other add-ons commonly found in a banh mi sandwich include julienned or shredded pickled carrots & daikon (white radish), cilantro leaves and sliced cucumber.

Types of Sandwiches #3: Banh Mi Sandwich
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4) Panini Sandwich

The name above refers to the type of sandwich using Italian bread. It can be anything related such as ciabatta, focaccia or Parmesan oregano bread. Typically in grilled or toasted form, a panini sandwich consists of different types of ingredients layered between the bread. The choice is endless here, covering everything from deli meat to fillet, strip, meatball and veggies.

Types of Sandwiches #4: Panini Sandwich
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5) Finger Sandwich

Don’t worry, no fingers are sacrificed in the making of these types of sandwiches. Instead, finger sandwiches actually refer to small sandwiches designed to be eaten in just a few bites. They are more of a light bite and an appetiser, with fillings varied from smoked salmon slices to egg salad, cream cheese and ham. You can find them typically served as part of the afternoon tea menu or certain events like wedding parties, bridal showers and formal luncheons.

Types of Sandwiches #5: Finger Sandwich
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6) Steak Sandwich

Mention the word “steak” and most of us would usually associate it with a slab of grilled beef with fries and assorted veggies served on a plate. Then, there’s the steak sandwich. It consists of strips of steak and other add-ons like caramelised onions and melted cheddar cheese layered between the buttery sandwich bun. A steak sandwich also typically comes with a side, namely fries and mixed salad.

Types of Sandwiches #6: Steak Sandwich
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7) Pinwheel Sandwich

Pinwheel sandwiches are like swiss rolls. Except unlike the latter, they are not cakes with cream fillings. These sandwiches are curled up into a rolled form with different toppings/fillings on the inside. They use either tortillas or even white bread, with the latter having all four sides of the crusts cut off. Then, each slice of bread has to be flattened, say using a rolling pin before they layer them with different ingredients. Finally, they roll up the bread and wrap each of them in plastic wrap to chill for a few hours. Upon serving, each of these pinwheel sandwiches will be unwrapped and cut into bite-sized pieces.

Types of Sandwiches #7: Pinwheel Sandwich
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8) Multi-Decker Sandwich

Think of it as a double-decker bus but in a sandwich form. And instead of double layers, it usually comes with more than two slices of bread (some menus may call it a triple-decker sandwich). Like the classic club sandwich, the fillings are versatile enough ranging from proteins (e.g. chicken or beef) to sliced tomatoes, onions and lettuce.

Type of Sandwiches #8: Multi-Decker Sandwich
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9) Grilled Sandwich

This simple but fulfilling comfort food of a grilled sandwich usually consists of buttered bread grilled or browned in an oven, griddle or pan. The filling is pretty straightforward, something as simple as slices of melted cheddar cheese.

Type of Sandwiches #9: Grilled Sandwich
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10) Egg Salad Sandwich

You have to admit that the combination of egg and bread is really meant for each other. For the egg salad sandwiches, they are usually made with mashed boiled egg(s), mayo, salt & pepper, lettuce and bread (plain or toasted).

Type of Sandwiches #10: Egg Salad Sandwich
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