10 Types of Friends You Should Have In Your Life

Happy International Friendship Day! You know that life isn’t a solo ride, and that’s why you need friends! (Apart from your family members, of course.) In conjunction with International Friendship Day, we’ve listed the 10 types of friends you should have in your life!

1) The Crazy & Fearless & Sometimes Reckless

They are the ones coming up with all sorts of plans, and not all of them are doable. Nevertheless, they are always charging into the unknown, and saying “do it!” before thinking about it too much. During the rare occasion that their plan works out, you’re guaranteed to have the adventure of a lifetime! Also known as the “Got work to do tonight? No need la, we yamcha first” friend.

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2) The Mama

Every friend group should have a “mama”, if only to rein in the antics of “the crazy”. Providing reasonable explanations and the voice of logic, this friend is practical and sometimes may seem like a buzzkill, but you know they’re just looking out for you. Probably says things like “don’t take too much sugar”, “this isn’t a good idea”, “it’s too late to go out” and “I’ll do it for you” (while rolling his/her eyes).

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3) The Listener

Let’s face it, not everyone is good at listening, and most people have the gift of the gab more than anything. When your soul is weary and your heart burdens you, you know you can turn to this friend to just talk. Their presence is always soothing, and whether they’re a good adviser or not is irrelevant. Sometimes, what you want isn’t advice. All you want is some company, and to pour your heart out to.

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4) The Challenger/Motivator

Think of this friend as your personal cheerleader! They may be your workout buddy, or someone who watches what you do from the sidelines, but they constantly push you to go further. Whenever you tell them success stories, they’re elated for you, then will motivate you to achieve even more. They will discuss strategies with you, and come up with helpful suggestions.

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5) The Common Interest

Your circle of friends will consist of many different people, and it’s important that you have a friend who shares a common interest with you. Who else are you going to talk about regarding your love of say… knitting? Together with your common-interest-friend, you two are going to explore everything about your interest, and update each other with latest news!

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6) The Complete Opposite

Good and evil. Yin and Yang. Everything in life must have a balance, and so do you! Without a friend who’s the complete opposite of you, your life is about as exciting as a single straight line drawn on a piece of blank paper. Let this friend take you into their world, expand your horizons, and experience what’s life like on their end!

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7) The Joker

Always the one cracking jokes and possibly has the funniest laugh as well, spend a week with this friend and you’ll develop abs from laughing too much. Bonus if they’re funny, but don’t seem to get jokes from other people easily, leaving them confused, and you in stitches. The term “embarrassment” means nothing or little to them, and they will never fail to entertain everyone. And I mean everyone. In the middle of the shopping mall.

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8) The Brutally Honest

Sometimes people sugarcoat their words because they don’t want to hurt you. But honesty is the best policy, and having a brutally honest friend will keep you in check. They’ll tell you if your behaviour isn’t great, or that you should fix your attitude, because they know you and want you to be a better person. If you think you’re acting crazy, give this friend a call. They’ll tell you exactly what you need to hear.

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9) The Optimist

This person basically says “can” and “yes” to everything, including the plans of the crazy friend. Whenever you ask them if you could do something, they’ll say “yes”. Even if you know it’s almost impossible, but it feels good to hear some reassurance, and that may just be the push you needed to get started or go further. Trusting by nature, they probably have faith in you more than you have in yourself.

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10) The Non-Judgemental Always There

Last but not least, this person is the ultimate friend. They’ve seen you at your best and your worst, and never ever judged you for whatever you’ve done. They’re one of the first few people you call when you have good or bad news, and if you need them, they’ll be there in a heartbeat. With this friend, you can let go of everything, and just be your true self.

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