10 Signs You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep

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A lot of people have problem sleeping well. As a result, they end up doing damages to themselves. When people don’t get enough sleep, they don’t function efficiently during the day. As time goes by, it will only get worst. This is why you should identify the problem and get it fixed. But first, here are some clues that will tell if someone is not getting enough sleep.

1) Moody

When your friends and family start avoiding you because you are cranky, sensitive or irritable, that’s a big sign that you are missing on some important sleep time. You become moody because of the way you sleep as your emotional health are connected to it on a deep level.

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2) Anxiety And Depression

People, who suffer from anxiety and depression, are likely to have problem sleeping. On the same note, if you have trouble sleeping for a long period, you are most likely going to suffer from anxiety and depression.

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3) Not Being Able to Focus

When we don’t have enough sleep and rest, we lose the ability to focus. We will also find it hard to reason or go through certain tasks at home or at work with discipline.

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4) Forgetfulness

As time goes by without any decent sleep, you’ll start to realise that you are forgetting things. At the beginning, it’s the little things then it goes on to be bigger things that you are forgetting. If you are forgetful, it might well be sleep deprivation that is the reason.

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5) Gaining Weight Or Losing Weight

Not sleeping well causes people to either lose weight or gain weight. That’s because you are too tired to have a proper appetite. Watch out! Not getting sufficient sleep can cause eating disorders, which in turn will cause diabetes and other diseases.

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6) It Starts To Show On Your Face

There’s only so long you can go without getting sufficient sleep when it starts showing on your face. Your face looks tired, you have red and puffy eyes. You see dark under-eye circles when you look at yourself in the mirror. Worst still, you feel tired!

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7) You Become A Different Person

Not in a good way! When you are not sleeping enough, you start losing your sense of judgement. You might start becoming mean or act like you don’t usually do if you are not sleeping enough. This happens because your brain is not fully capable to process emotions the way it should.

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8) Exhaustion

Suddenly, you realise that you are way too exhausted to do anything. You might have the energy to go to work, but as soon as it’s evening, you feel too tired to be remotely interested in doing anything. Persistent fatigue, if not treated, can be the cause of many more diseases.

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9) Daytime Drowsiness

One of the worst consequences of not getting enough sleep is feeling drowsy during the day. During daytime hours, you might just feel sleepy and end up dozing off. This can be dangerous especially while you are driving.

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10) Can’t See Well Enough

Did it take you a long time to read this article? Did you have trouble concentrating on reading the sentences? Lack of sleep can cause blurriness in your vision. So if you give up half way reading, you might be having lack of sleep.

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