10 Reasons Why Vaping is Good Alternative to Smoking (with video)

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Vaping, can be defined as the act of inhaling and exhaling vapour with an electronic cigarette or similar device. While many countries are in the debate of either legalizing vaping or banning it, here are 10 reasons why vaping has the upper hand over smoking:

Watch this #velinai video produced by our friends at Grim Film!

1) No bad smell and bad breath

Smoking will always leave a bad smell and/or bad breath. However, vaping is odourless because it is vapour and at the same time does not leave a bad breath.

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2) No cigarette burns or cigarette butts.

Vaping does not leave behind a dirty ashtray or a dirty floor unlike cigarettes.

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3) Healthier compared to cigarette

While this remains a debate, some studies showed that there is a less likelihood of getting cancer or any other smoke related illnesses with vaping. It is said to be 95% less harmful compared to cigarettes.

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4) Less chemicals compared to cigarettes

A cigarette contain more than 2000 different types of chemicals, including tar which can cause harm to your body.

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5) More cost effective

Cigarette price has been on a rising trend. A pack of cigarette will cost RM 17. With the constant increase in cigarette prices, vaping is seen as a cheaper alternative in the long run.

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6) Different type of nicotine strength

Vapers have a choice of different strength of nicotine which ranges from 0mg till 24mg. The majority usually take 6mg nicotine strength which is much lower compared to those in cigarettes.



7) No smoke

Vaping would mean that there would not be any second hand smoke. Everything would be in vapour form compared to cigarettes where the general public would suffer because of the second hand smoke.

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8) Many different flavours

With vaping, it comes in many different flavours which usually consist of fruity, tobacco or creamy. Suitable for all taste buds.

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9) Help people quit smoking

The vast majority of vapers were former cigarette smokers. Many people have tried and failed to quit smoking with nicotine patch, but with vaping a vast majority of smokers have managed to quit smoking. Because of the variety in nicotine strength, vapers can gradually reduce their nicotine intake to 0mg. But of course it requires willpower too.

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10) Vaping helps you live better

Many smokers suffer from insensitive smell, taste and lack of stamina. Some even suffer from smokers cough where they cough persistently. With vaping, these side effects will not be seen, which helps you live a better quality life. And surely vaping will not get your house burned down.

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After all, inhaling fresh natural air is still the best way to go. But is vaping better than smoking? Share with us your opinion.