10 Reasons Why Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan Seems Better Than Dilwale

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The trailer of Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Fan’ was recently released and it was received with mixed reviews from critics and fans. But one thing that everyone knew for sure, when watching the trailer, was that Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Fan’ is going to be better than his last movie ‘Dilwale’. As everyone knew, ‘Dilwale’ was meant to be the next big thing as the film was reuniting the golden couple of Bollywood onscreen, Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan, after many years. Sure, ‘Dilwale’ might have been loved overseas, but in India, another movie that released on the same day as ‘Dilwale’ was getting better reviews and good word of mouth; that film was ‘Bajirao Mastani’, which starred two much younger and newer stars compared to Shah Rukh Khan. Let’s see why Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Fan’ seems better than ‘Dilwale’.

1) Fan only has Shah Rukh Khan as the star of the film

Compared to ‘Dilwale’, which had 2 superstars and 2 young stars, ‘Fan’ is banking on Shah Rukh’s popularity as he’s the only superstar in the film.

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2) The focus is entirely on Shah Rukh

Since Shah Rukh Khan is the only superstar in ‘Fan’, all the focus in the film will be more on him. Fans of Shah Rukh Khan, who have been waiting for this film, will be delighted to see Shah Rukh in this much screen time.

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3) Shah Rukh Khan in a double role

Shah Rukh Khan is essaying a double role in ‘Fan’. He’s playing the superstar as well as the superstar’s young fan. This is the second time, he’s playing a double role onscreen after his first double role, which was in ‘Duplicate’ in 1998.

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4) Gaurav, the fan, is the one to watch out for

Based on the teasers and trailer of ‘Fan’, it seems the character that people will like and enjoy the most is Gaurav, who’s the fan of the superstar in the film. Lots of fans will definitely be able to identify with him after they see the film.

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5) Amazing VFX

The visual effects in ‘Fan’ is just mind-blowing. Most of the visual effects is for Shah Rukh Khan, as he’s playing two roles in this film. He even had to go to do USA to have a digital 3D scanning done on his face. The makers wanted 50 year-old Shah Rukh’s face to look like a 20-something boy.

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6) Good acting after a long time

Fans will get a good dose of Shah Rukh Khan’s acting in ‘Fan’. Since the film revolves around him in double role, Shah Rukh has lots of screen time to showcase his acting skills as the superstar and as the young fan.

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7) Only one song – Jabra Fan Anthem

‘Fan’ is different from all Bollywood films. It’s so different that it has only 1 song in it that features the young fan character dancing happily about his love for the superstar. The song has already been released on youtube.

8) Teasers are completely different from the trailer

The teasers of ‘Fan’ were released late last year. The first trailer showcased the stardom of the superstar, played by Shah Rukh Khan, while the other teaser introduced the character of the young fan, played by Shah Rukh Khan again.

9) Story is along the side of ‘Darr’

Fans of Shah Rukh Khan will think of his memorable role in ‘Darr’ when they watch ‘Fan’. Though Shah Rukh has claimed that while his character in ‘Darr’ was a psychopath, the character of the young fan in ‘Fan’ is more on a revenge-seeking journey. Still, both films are thrillers that Shah Rukh Khan has acted in, which says a lot because he hasn’t acted in that many thrillers since he became a superstar.

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10) Fan will change the way fans think of SRK

Since ‘Fan’ is the story of a superstar and his young fan, the fans of Shah Rukh Khan will definitely have a different view of him when they watch the film. Shah Rukh plays a superstar, who’s mean and ungrateful to his fans. This is a far cry from what Shah Rukh is to his fans in real life. Out of all the superstars in India, Shah Rukh is the busiest and yet, he’s the only one, who takes ample of time out of his busy schedule for his fans.

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