10 Reasons Why Malaysians Should Not Miss Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan

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It’s been more than a week since Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Fan’ released in Malaysia and everywhere else around the world. The response has been ecstatic for those, who have seen it. ‘Fan’ stars Shah Rukh Khan in dual roles. He plays Aryan Khanna, a famous actor, who’s a bit similar to him in real life. He also plays, Gaurav Chanda, a young man of 25 years old. Anyone would think that having the same actor play two roles will make the film confusing, but that is not the case with ‘Fan’. Here are 10 reasons why Shah Rukh Khan’s Malaysian fans should not miss watching ‘Fan’.

1) Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback in the thriller genre

It’s been a long time since Shah Rukh Khan has acted in a thriller. Fans of the actor may recall that Shah Rukh’s niche when he came in the film industry was thrillers. He used to be perfect playing the actor with negative shades. ‘Fan’ brings the old Shah Rukh back to what he’s good at: playing the bad guy.

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2) You don’t realise Shah Rukh Khan is playing both lead roles

It may be off-putting to some to watch a film in which Shah Rukh Khan plays two characters. People may reminisce about ‘Duplicate’, which was the last film that Shah Rukh played double roles. But ‘Fan’ is different and only when you watch the film that you will know how different these two characters are to each other. As soon as the film starts, you won’t even realise it’s Shah Rukh Khan playing Gaurav. It’s like two different actors are playing these two characters.

Image Credit: Yash Raj Films

3) VFX in Fan is amazing

‘Fan’ has some amazing visual effects that were never seen before by the audience in any Bollywood film. The amount of VFX work that was needed in this film is astounding and the audience realise that as soon as they watch the film. As seen in the video below, a lot of work went into this film and to make Shah Rukh’s character look different.

4) It’s the first time an actor played his younger self in a film

While promoting ‘Fan’, its director Maneesh Sharma mentioned how a lot of research went into creating Gaurav, which is the 25-year character that Shah Rukh Khan plays in the film. The film’s director also mentioned how they were discouraged to make this film by senior influential people in Hollywood.

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5) It is something to shout about for Shah Rukh Khan fans

‘Fan’ can be said to be a gift for Shah Rukh Khan’s fans. It’s a treat for them to watch Shah Rukh showing off his talent after a long time. The fact that there’s a lot of Shah Rukh in ‘Fan’ will only excite them more. After all, ‘Fan’ is the story of a superstar and his die-hard fan. True Shah Rukh Khan fans will know that the superstar character that he plays in this film is nothing like him.

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6) Fan is for all movie lovers

Moviegoers will enjoy this film, especially if they enjoy watching thrillers. It does help that this film doesn’t cater only to the Bollywood audience. Since there are no songs, it appeals to all movie lovers. For those familiar with Bollywood, they will definitely appreciate the effort that was put behind making ‘Fan’.

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7) No Songs like the typical Bollywood movie

The running time of ‘Fan’ is around 2 hours and during the film, there’s not a single song that is played. Not even songs of Shah Rukh Khan are played, even though he does perform them in the film. It is truly aiming to be a serious film in all aspects, which was why no songs were put in the film.

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8) It’s all about Shah Rukh Khan in the film

For people, who are not used to seeing a lot of Shah Rukh Khan in a film, ‘Fan’ aims to change that. The film has so much of Shah Rukh in a sense that it makes good use of the talent that Shah Rukh Khan has. It reminds the audience why and how this man became a superstar.

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9) The reception so far has been extraordinary

Since the film released in cinemas, the response has been amazing from all quarters. Whether it’s celebrities or critics praising the film, ‘Fan’ has been well appreciated worldwide for the change that it brought to Shah Rukh Khan’s filmography. Shah Rukh himself told the media that he was surprised at the kind of positive reception that the film received.

Image Credit: The Indian Express

10) It’s something different from Shah Rukh Khan’s recent movie releases

The reason Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Fan’ is a must-watch is because it’s a one of a kind film. Even Hollywood has never attempted this kind of film, as they thought it would be impossible for an actor in his 50s to play a 25-year old man with the help of prosthetics and VFX. To see how Bollywood achieved the impossible, go watch ‘Fan’!

Image Credit: Tumblr