10 Reasons Why Do Most Women Go Crazy About Fawad Khan

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The Fawad Khan hype is refusing to die down anytime soon. In fact, it’s just getting bigger and better. Despite the fact that he played a gay guy in his latest film, ‘Kapoor and Sons’, Fawad Khan is still making women go crazy for him. One look at him and some women think that he’s the perfect specimen of what a man should be like. Let’s check out Fawad Khan and what is it about him that is making women go crazy.

1) He’s very handsome

The first thing that comes to mind when checking out Fawad Khan is how he looks so handsome with his penetrating gaze, sculpted jaw and designer stubble. Women seem to really like his voice as well and the fact that he doesn’t change anything about his appearance (manscaping), which does set him apart from the other actors.

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2) He is married, which makes him forbidden fruit aka tempting

One of the factors that makes Fawad a hot commodity among women is the fact that he’s married. Fawad has been married to his wife, Sadaf Khan, for 11 years now and they have a son together. According to Fawad when he was asked about his wife’s reaction to his female fan following, he said that his wife takes a lot of pride that women likes him and is possessive about him.

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3) He played Prince Charming in his first Bollywood film

Fawad Khan made his debut in ‘Khoobsurat’ in which he played Prince Vikram. He literally was prince charming for lots of the girls, who watched him in the film. Even his co-star, Sonam Kapoor, said she would have hit on him if he wasn’t married.

4) He’s really talented

It has become rare in the movie world to find someone good-looking with talent. Discovering that Fawad Khan has talent is one of these rare moments for everyone, as it seems too surreal especially when he’s this good-looking.

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5) He started making women crazy the first time they saw him on screen

Actors around Fawad are still wondering what is it with him that makes women go crazy from the moment they look at him. No one knows and no one can tell. But, it’s a mystery that goes away as soon as you look at him.

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6) He’s probably Pakistan’s best-looking looking actor

Fawad is not the first Pakistani actor to come to India and act in Bollywood films. But he is definitely the best-looking Pakistani actor, who’s currently acting in Bollywood films.

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7) He’s the most favourite Bollywood import now

Bollywood producers are trying to cut costs in everything and that includes, actors’ salaries. Fawad looks good, acts well and does not burn a whole in the producers’ pockets; this is exactly what makes him Bollywood’s favourite import.

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8) Female attention makes him blush

Despite the fact that Fawad has been married for a long time, he admits that female attention still makes him blush. He says it’s even worse if it’s female attention in front of his father-in-law.

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9) He looks good in anything

It could be that when a man is good-looking, he looks good in anything. This is the case with Fawad, as he just looks good in anything. Whether he’s wearing Pakistani, Indian or Western clothes, Fawad can easily carry off anything anytime.

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10) He can carry the clean-shaven look as well as the stubble look

Fawad Khan is one of the very few men, who looks good with both a stubble and without it. Fawad with a stubble gives off a sexy and mature look while a clean-shaven Fawad gives off a young and innocent look.

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