10 Reasons That Prove Chris Hemsworth Is The Hottest Superhero

Image Credit: GQ Magazine

When Chris Hemsworth made his Hollywood debut in a big film like ‘Thor’, everyone was so taken by him that it was no surprise he was declared People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. Usually, the word to describe Chris is hunk because he does look like a hunk unlike other Hollywood stars. The fact that he had the innocence and body to play Thor was something that pulled ladies into the theatre to just see him on the big screen. Here are the reasons why Chris Hemsworth happens to be the hottest superhero.

1) There can be no hotter Thor!

Chris Hemsworth is often described as a hunk. Why not? Since there are not that many hunks in Hollywood. Maybe his Thor avatar did really help in making him the kind of hunk women like. To be honest, a lot of women went to see ‘Thor’ only to see him in it. Most likely because he appears shirtless in some scenes in the film and also because he looked so innocent and yet, so hot in the film; a combination that women really like. Even though, he was a nobody in Hollywood, he looked like the perfect Thor.

Image Credit: Thor

2) He’s really hot

Chris Hemsworth is so hot that People’s Magazine declared him the sexiest man alive. Come to think of it, Chris has only been in Hollywood a short while and yet, he has achieved so much. Chris appeared to have been born looking like this because there seems to be no bad photos of him, even when he was young.

Image Credit: People’s Magazine

3) He build up his body to play Thor and lost weight for Heart of the Sea

When Chris Hemsworth was signed to play Thor, he had to build his body to look the part. It took him sometime and eventually, he did it. He even grew his blonde hair to look even more like Thor should look like. In ‘Heart of the Sea’, Chris underwent a diet that made him lost a lot of weight simply to look the part of a man lost at sea.

Image Credit: nydailynews.com

4) He’s the hottest superhero dad

Chris is not only a superhero on screen, he’s also a hot superhero dad off screen. Chris has 3 children, India Rose, Tristan and Sasha. Whenever he’s not working, Chris is seen playing daddy to his 3 kids. That’s enough to make him look like the hottest superhero dad around.

Image Credit: XposurePhotos

5) Thor was his first big Hollywood film

Chris Hemsworth was already a working actor in Australia, his hometown. He was even part of the ‘Dancing with the Stars’, the Australian version. ‘Thor’ was his first big Hollywood film. Apparently, both Chris and Liam auditioned for the part of Thor. It was Liam, who got a call back not Chris. Chris even prepped Liam to audition for ‘Thor’. Somehow after some time, Chris was picked up to play Thor.

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6) Chris promotes charity

Chris Hemsworth uses every opportunity he gets to promote the different charities that he’s involved in. He even uses social media to help people become more about the different kinds of causes that they can help and do their part in making the world a better place.

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7) He’s capable of carrying off shirtless scenes

Chris Hemsworth is one of the few actors, who can easily carry off a shirtless look. Most actors in Hollywood do appear shirtless, but they can’t carry it off. For Chris, it’s different. Maybe it’s his good genes or perfect body ratio, but it seems the ladies don’t mind seeing him shirtless at all.

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8) Chris is married to a hot woman

Chris tied the knot to Elsa Pataky, who’s a Spanish model and actress. Elsa has appeared in the ‘Fast and Furious’ movie franchise. Elsa is 7 years older than Chris and have been married to him since 2010.

Image Credit: Just Jared

9) He has two hot brothers, Liam and Luke

Chris is not the only one in the Hemsworth family with good genes, he has two brothers, who are equally good-looking in their own right. Luke is the eldest Hemsworth and he looks slightly different from his other 2 brothers. Liam is the youngest Hemsworth and he looks a little like Chris.

Image Credit: Dailybeast

10) He happens to be a really good son as well

As soon as he made it big in Hollywood, Chris decided to clear all of his parents’ debts in Australia. His dad was elated, as he thought he would have to spend the rest of his life paying off his debts. This act of kindness was told by Chris’ brother, Liam, in an interview in which he spoke about what Chris did for his parents.

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