10 Reasons Why Hrithik Roshan is India’s Biggest Heartthrob

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Anyone, who grew up as a teenager in the 2000s era, knows exactly who Hrithik Roshan is. For those, who don’t know Hrithik Roshan, he happens to be India’s biggest heartthrob. When he made his debut in 2000, he became a star and a superstar at the same time. He also became the first Indian actor to win the best new actor and the best actor awards in the same year. Why and how did Hrithik Roshan become Indias’ biggest heartthrob? Let’s find out.

1) He became a sensation with his first film

When ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hai’ released in 2000, people became crazy about Hrithik Roshan. The movie literally made an unknown boy into a superstar overnight. Until today, no one knows what it really was that people saw in Hrithik that they went crazy for him. But 16 years later, the craze still continues.

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2) He’s the best Bollywood dancer

Without a doubt, Hrithik Roshan is the best dancer India has never seen. There have been other great dancers after him, but that is only because they try to dance like Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik was the only actor, who was able to move every part of his body. He is flexible in a way no other actor has been before in Bollywood.

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3) He’s a perfectionist

Hrithik didn’t take his stardom for granted, he worked extra hard to make sure that whatever he was doing onscreen was perfect. After 16 years, he still rehearsed a lot before giving his final shot. Whether it’s a photoshoot or a movie scene, Hrithik always gives it his best shot.

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4) He’s the perfect combination of good looks and talent

Before there was Hrithik Roshan, Bollywood didn’t have a full-package hero. Hrithik was the first actor in Bollywood, who has everything. He’s good-looking with a great body, he can act and he can dance; if this is not the perfect package hero then what is.

5) He’s one of the best actors in India

Hrithik happens to be one of the finest actors India has ever seen. Before him, there was just Aamir Khan, who was focused in the way his films shaped up. Hrithik took risks that no other actor with his stardom took and most of the times, these risks did pay off.

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6) No one else has experienced stardom this fast

In the history of Indian cinema, no other actor has experienced this level of stardom this fast. Hrithik went from being a nobody to a superstar overnight. It took him just one film to make his presence felt among the audience. And boy, did they feel his presence!

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7) He got married during the hype of his stardom

Hrithik became a superstar in January 2000 and by December 2000, Hrithik decided to tie the knot to his childhood sweetheart, Sussanne Khan. Needless to say, Hrithik broke the hearts of millions of his fans and he also broke the popular belief that heartthrobs can’t get married at the peak of their stardom or they will lose their fan following.

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8) He raised the bar for Indian actors

Indian actors used to be comfortable doing the roles that they think their fans would like to see them in. In a way, popular actors are known to be more inclined to do commercial cinema to ensure that their fan following remains intact. After giving several flops, Hrithik decided to take risks and started signing up for films that were supposed to not be the normal choices for a famous commercial star.

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9) He’s still ruling after 16 years

It’s been 16 years since Hrithik Roshan first step into Bollywood. 16 years and he is still ruling among his fans. It’s really hard to have a huge fan following when the Khans are still around in their 50s playing leads in film. But Hrithik is the first one from his family to be able to reach this far in Bollywood as an actor and there’s no stopping him now.

10) He’s single again

Hrithik Roshan became a single man again after his 14-year old marriage to his wife, Sussanne Khan, ended. After his divorce, Hrithik has been keeping a low profile. He chose, instead, to spend time with his two sons, Hrehaan and Hridhaan. No doubt, Hrithik being single now has made his female fan following excited that there might just be a chance. Who knows, really!

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