10 Old School Games You Should Introduce To Your Children This School Holiday

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Kids are spending too much time tapping away on smartphones and iPads. And that pretty much sums up the childhood of kids these days. Isn’t that too much technology at an early age? This school holiday, put those devices aside and introduce to your children these 10 old school games that should be part of their childhood memories.

1) Bottle Caps

Also known as ceper or tutup botol, this local game is played using 5 metal bottle caps. This game usually requires two or more players and it is a favourite amongst boys . A good test to accuracy, the game revolves around the points earned through each successful round. See the video to know how to play:

2) Pick Up Sticks

Pick Up Sticks is about a bundle of sticks being released on a table top, falling in random order. Testing player mental and physical attributes, each player must remove a stick from the pile without disturbing the remaining ones. If you move another stick, your turn is over. Player with most sticks removed win. Here’s how to play in a video:

3) Congkak

Popular amongst girls, Congkak is a game played using ‘guli’ or seeds with a congkak board which consists of fourteen holes in two sets of seven plus an additional bigger store-hole for each player. Effective in training kids’ mental calculation, check out this video to know how to play congkak.

4) Batu Seremban

Usually played by girls individually or in group of two to five people, Batu Seremban is played using five cloth-bags sewn and filled with saga seeds. There are several custom levels to pass and the difficulty increases from stage to stage. Get to know how to play Batu Seremban in this video:

5) Gasing

Gasing or tops spinning, is a traditional game usually made of wood or hard fruit, iron and lead. Available in different shape, the purpose is usually to spin the gasing for the longest time. Other type of playing method includes ‘striking match’ where each player tries to hit his opponent’s tops so that it will topple and lose its balance.

6) Ketingting

Ketingting is a game which is beneficial for mental and physical development of the kids. Typically played by children aged 6 to 12 years old on flat open spaces, numbered boxes are drawn for player to jump (on one leg) from one to another. However, before that, player needs to throw and lands the marker on box 1 onward and to avoid jumping on the box with marker on it. This clown teaches you how:

7) Conquer

All you need to have to play conquer is a mathematics exercise book (with grid-lines) and two different colour pen. A classic game that you can play at home, conquer is helpful in growing your children’s strategic thinking. Two players will take turn to draw their selected symbol and the objective is to surround as many other player’s units by connecting your own symbol with lines.

Image Credit: thestar.com.my
Image Credit: thestar.com.my

8) Pepsi Cola

Popular in the 1990s, Pepsi Cola is ideally played among 5 to 6 players. To begin, players stand in a ring, chant ‘Pepsi Cola’ and jump apart as far as they can. Taking turns, the objective is to eliminate another player by kicking his or her foot. You may try to dodge the kick. The last man standing wins.


9) Jumpsies

Remember how we used to join up bunch of elastic bands to form a rope? Jumpsies, also known as Chinese Jump Rope is played using that elastic rope. Two kids would hold the string of elastics first at their ankles and the third friend would jump over it. If successful, the rope is raised. There are various jumping styles or patterns to choose from. Here’s how:

10) Kite

I guess Kite is no stranger to most of us. However, as common as it sounds, have your kids ever fly a kite before? This school holiday, head to the park with your children to fly a kite. Don’t worry if you do not know how to fly one, here’s a video to guide you how: