10 Odd Beauty Treatments You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

And so, they said, “a woman’s money is the easiest to earn”. Women will go to extreme ends of the earth in the name of beauty, trying all sorts of things to maintain their beauty. Besides the usual cleansing routine, regular facials or spa and massages, there are actually more diverse beauty treatments around the world that you may not have even heard about. The question is, after finding out, would you try them?

1) Golf-Ball Massage

If you visit places that offer the “golf-ball massage”, they usually start off with a regular massage, stretching and relaxing your muscles first. After that, warmed golf balls (oh yes please) are introduced. Masseurs roll the balls alongside the spine and down the neck. The size, hardness and shape of a golf ball is the ideal instrument to really hit those sore spots in your muscles. You can even try it at home, since it’s an everyday object! Get someone to golf-ball massage you!

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2) Platza Bath

Originating from Russia, the Platza bath actually sounds more like a less-extreme form of torture. What really happens is that you uh, get beaten with oak leaves infused with olive oil. Of course, they call it a scrub, but really, it just looks like they’re doing laundry, but the laundry is you. However, the oak leaves are not without benefit. A natural astringent, the oak leaves will open pores, remove toxins, and exfoliate skin. Periodically, you will be bathed in soap and hot water, and then hosed down with a dose of ice-cold water at the end. Did I mention that the bath is conducted under extreme heat conditions? If you love sweating, hey, you’ve found your paradise!

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3) Olive Oil Treatment

Another household object, you can probably administer this on yourself as well. However, professional spas do it this way. Olive oil infused with herbs is drizzled slowly over your body, so that your hair and skin has time to absorb the oily goodness. At Murad, the treatment takes about 50 minutes. If you do it at home, you can take your time, whether long or short. And you thought that olive oil was only good for pasta!

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4) Micro-Needle Therapy

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like – scary! But don’t freak out just yet. The teeny needles break your skin just enough to reveal the new skin underneath. When this happens, it actually helps reduce the appearance of scars and skin blemishes. Amazing! Compared to chemicals, this is a better alternative. As the skin is punctured suitably, it activates the natural healing process, rejuvenating your skin at the same time! The needles are fitted onto a roller, so essentially you’ll be rolling these needles all over your face.

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5) Bull-Sperm Hair Lotion

I am absolutely in shock over this one. Those who have tried it calls it “Viagra for hair”, but honestly… I don’t think I can see myself with a head full of cow semen. This special lotion combines Pedigree Aberdeen Angus (there’s even a specific breed of bull to harvest sperm for) bull sperm and Katera root from an Iranian plant. The result is a substance full of protein which you then liberally apply all over your hair. Said to nourish, protect and revitalise hair, it’s especially recommended for those who have fine, over-processed hair, or frizzy hair.

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6) Beer Bath

From Czech Republic, the beer bath just means sitting in a bathtub full of beer. Even though beer is usually ingested, it rejuvenates pores and released tension in muscles when you soak in it. Apparently, it is also good for your hair. The Hotel U Sládka in Czech Republic offers this bath if you ever want to try. However, if you’re not planning to travel to Europe just for a beer bath (Malaysia also got beer, what), you’re welcome to sit a tub full of your favourite brew to see if it has any effects as well!

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7) Ramen Soup Bath

Since we’re on the topic of “things usually ingested but now you can soak in them as well”, ramen soup is next on the list. After you undergo this treatment, you can proudly tell people that you’ve bathed in ramen before! Besides the soup and noodles, it also has collagen and garlic extracts, which is said to improve skin condition and metabolism. I’d much prefer to have a steaming bowl of ramen to eat though, rather than soak myself in it.

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8) Leech Therapy

Leech therapy has actually been around since ancient Egypt, but we just haven’t been really using them. I mean, your natural instincts likely tell you to avoid them, rather than pick them up and invite them to feast on your blood, right? Turns out they’re really helpful in the field of medicine and beauty! Leech saliva contains anti-coagulants, which prevents blood clots and keeps blood flowing. Translation: it helps with blood circulation. Besides that, leeches also release enzymes that apparently expels toxins from your blood, and will preserve soft tissue in your skin.

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9) Cactus Scrub

I laughed at this one first because I imagined human cacti walking around. Then I realised that wasn’t plausible, and turned to seriousness. As with any other therapy, you start off with a pleasing massage with a lotion. After that, the cactus is introduced. Cacti are known for its healing properties, and cactus paddles are applied directly to your skin. With the thorns removed, what you’ll experience is a scrub (that won’t cause bleeding). As you enjoy (or not) the scrub, the cactus will remove toxins and rehydrate your skin too!

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10) Ground Pig Placenta

In Malaysia, sheep placenta cream is quite established already, yes? (If no, then you are now informed of this item.) Guys, you know what’s a placenta right? Basically it’s a tissue that grows inside of women when they’re pregnant and is expelled after the baby’s birth. It does sounds squeamish, but placentas are actually high in nutritional value. Therefore, people in Japan are queuing up to drink ground pig placenta. I literally can’t stomach this fact. However, to each their own, as the Japanese believes that drinking placenta gives them energy and revitalises their youth.

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Which beauty treatment would you try? Let us know in the comments below!