10 Instagram-Worthy Cafes In Penang

Gone are the days where Penang is only synonymous with local street food like fried kuey teow, asam laksa and rojak. Today, you can find a steady number of contemporary cafes mushrooming all over the streets. So, for cafe-hoppers who can’t live a day without whipping out their phones and taking pictures, here are 10 Instagram-Worthy Cafes in Penang in alphabetical order.

1) Awesome Canteen @ Lebuh Victoria

Awesome, indeed. The kind of laidback cafe ideal for chilling out with friends or your loved one. Cafe-hoppers and avid Instagrammers would appreciate the cafe’s bright and rustic interior, complete with exposed concrete walls and trees planted in the middle. Food-wise, you can expect comfort meals like pastas, rice bowls and gourmet burgers. There is even a dedicated paleo menu for health-conscious eaters such as 200 Paleo Chicken Patty and Paleo Egg Plant Niku Stack (Chicken/Beef). Filter coffee is also their speciality, offering different top-quality coffee roasts from around the world such as Ethiopia and Kenya.

Address: 164A-B, Lebuh Victoria, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang. | Opening Hours: Mon, Wed-Sun 11 am to 10 pm | Tel: 04-261 3707

Image Credit: @awesomecanteenpg

2) Belle And Cream @ Medan Lim Cheng Teik

Belle and Cream’s minimalist interior is mostly bright and white, making it a perfect spot to capture a nice Instagram shot. And speaking of Instagram, this bakery cafe is particularly notable for its signature burnt cheesecake served with chewy boba pearls. Don’t forget to pair the cake with their bubble milk tea selection.

Address: 16, Medan Lim Cheng Teik, Kampung Syed, 10250 George Town, Pulau Pinang. | Opening Hours: Mon & Wed-Sun 11 am to 10 pm | Tel: 012-484 8968

Image Credit: @Belle-and-Cream-350523942187318

3) China House @ Beach St.

If there’s one thing worth mentioning about China House, it earns its distinction as “the longest cafe in Penang”. In case you are wondering about that, let’s just say this cafe actually occupies a total of not one, not two, but three heritage buildings. China House is not just a cafe, as it is also a combination of restaurant, bakery and gallery. Their menu is no slouch either, with more than 50 types of cakes to choose from! Definitely not to be missed for cake lovers, among their top-selling speciality is the Tiramisu, which comes in either alcohol or non-alcohol version.

Address: 153, Beach St, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang. | Opening Hours: Daily 9 am to 1 am | Tel: 04-263 7299

Image Credit: @andypoh

4) Kafka @ Jalan Kelawai

Pastel walls, mismatched furniture and plenty of green plants help give Kafka an unusually quaint vibe to its cafe. Instagrammers can look forward to taking well-lit photos of the interior and the foods, thanks to the ample source of natural sunlight pouring in from the cafe’s windows. Their menu isn’t particularly extensive but it should please most foodies with the likes of Pork Bacon Egg Benedict, Spaghetti Aglio Olio and Pan Seared Salmon. There are also a few cakes available in the display counter, namely Red Velvet and Peanut Butter Cheesecake.

Address: 15, Jalan Kelawai, George Town, 10250 George Town, Pulau Pinang. | Opening Hours: Tues 8 am to 6 pm & Mon, Wed-Sun 8 am to 10 pm | Tel: 04-218 9726

Image Credit: @32631357

5) Macallum Connoisseurs @ Gat Lebuh Macallum

Spacious is among the best words to describe the high-ceiling Macallum Connoisseurs, which sports a loft-like interior in the warehouse setting. The cafe also has an industrial vibe to it, adorned with an eclectic mix of wood and metal furnishings. They serve comfort food like spaghetti and gourmet burgers but coffee remains their main speciality. Choices are aplenty, consisting of everything from espresso to Aeropress and pour-over filtered coffee. If pure coffee is not your thing, they also offer various types of frappes and smoothies like Mango Lychee and the seasonal Fresh Jackfruit.

Address: 1, Gat Lebuh Macallum, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang. | Opening Hours: Daily 9 am to 12 am | Tel; 04-261 3597

Image Credit: @xiaoho____

6) Narrow Marrow @ Lebuh Carnarvon

Walking into Narrow Marrow is like a step back to the past — all bare, worn-out walls with lots of hanging pictures and wooden furniture. Their menu is mostly limited to homemade cheesecakes and Tiramisu. Those who are looking for something savoury might want to try their signature Avocado Cheddar Toast.

Address: 252A, Lebuh Carnarvon, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang. | Opening Hours: Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri 6 pm to 1 am & Sat-Sun 10 am to 1 am | Tel: 014-303 6647


7) Pik Nik @ Jalan Nagor

If you love all things pink, you might want to check out Pik Nik at Jalan Nagor. The cafe houses a particular room where the interior covers in different shades of pink. And come to think of it, how often you get to enjoy your favourite food in a pink-heavy interior? When comes to food, Pik Nik is famous for its savoury waffle selections such as salmon, bacon as well as sausage & egg.

Address: 15, Jalan Nagor, 10500 George Town, Pulau Pinang. | Opening Hours: Mon & Wed-Sun 12 pm to 12 am | Tel: 016-448 1517

Image Credit: @sinicn

8) SYST @ Jalan Tanjong Tokong

SYST is as closest as you are able to experience a true Hong Kong-style cha chaan teng. It comes complete with old-school benches and long tables and even a few colourful neon signs to help complete the look, making it a must-visit during the nighttime. The menu, as expected, consists of tong sui like red bean soup with glutinous balls, ginger milk pudding and chilled rock melon sago. Diners looking to fill in their tummies can also look forward to quintessential Hong Kong French Toast or Macaroni with Ham.

Address: 6, Jalan Tanjong Tokong, Kampung Masjid, 10470 George Town, Pulau Pinang. | Opening Hours: Daily 4 pm to 2 am

Image Credit: @hkteoh91

9) The Warung @ Lebuh Victoria

Despite its name, The Warung is actually a mix of cafe and lifestyle store selling local brands such as clothes, bags and accessories. But if you are here strictly for the cafe experience, The Warung houses a rustic yet cosy interior with worn-out walls and eclectic decorations. Among their must-try menu is the Instagram-worthy fruity waffle served with mango chunks and berries. It also comes with a scoop of ice cream on top drizzled with strawberry sauce and some sprinkles of crumbles.

Address: 145, Lebuh Victoria, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang. | Opening Hours: Daily 11 am to 8 pm | Tel: 016-439 7613

Image Credit: @thewarung.my

10) Urban Green Cabin Terrarium Enthusiast @ Lebuh Victoria

This nature-themed cafe houses plenty of greenery at every nook and cranny, which contrasted well with the matching white & black interior. Their menu, in the meantime, consists of a homemade beef burger, tortilla wraps and vegan-style Spaghetti Mushroom Aglio Olio.

Address: 156, Lebuh Victoria, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang. | Opening Hours: Daily 8 am to 10 pm | Tel: 012-423 7147

Image Credit: @urbangreencabin