10 Important Items to Bring to Bersih 4.0 Rally

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BERSIH is a coalition of non-governmental organisations which seeks to reform the current electoral system in Malaysia to ensure free, clean and fair elections. Following up on the previous 3 BERSIH rallies, BERSIH 4.0 rally will be held on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu on 29 and 30 August 2015. To those who will be participating in the rally, the following list of items would be essential for you to bring along.

1) Sunglasses and goggles

Malaysia is blessed with awesome tropical climate which brings both sun and rain all year long. We strongly recommend to bring a fashionable pair of sunglasses firstly to protect your eyes from the UV rays and secondly to be fashionable during the BERSIH 4.0 rally. Of course there is another alternative for eyewear which are goggles, to protect your eyes from tear gasses if they were to be thrown towards you.

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2) Small packets of salt

During the previous 3 BERSIH rallies, it was common that tear gasses were used. Bring small packets of salts to neutralize the effects of the tear gasses and to avoid chocking. Tear gas are usually release in the form of a grenade. Do not panic when you see it, try to get away from the grenade and if possible to a higher ground. You can use wet wipes to help ease the pain on your eyes as well.

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3) Identity Card (IC) and some cash

Remember to bring your Identity Card (IC). You would definitely want your IC to be with you if you happen to be stopped by the police. Also do not bring too much cash with you. Your wallets and purses are not needed because things might get a bit messy and you could lose them easily. RM200 should be able to suffice for both the days.


4) Towel and extra T-shirt

It is quite expected that things might get messy in view that it is the first BERSIH rally to be held for 2 days, bring a change of T-shirt. We will obviously recommend to go with the theme of BERSIH which is Yellow! Towels are essential to protect your eyes or cover your nose if you are expose to any chemicals or gas.

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5) Mineral water or Isotonic drink

Bring along mineral water or isotonic drink to avoid dehydration. It is also advisable to bring some food along such as bread or some fruits such as banana. Remember to dispose all your wastage and throw them in the bin. Since you are going for a BERSIH rally, please keep everything “bersih” as well.

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6) Glasses instead of contact lenses

We usually encourage you to look fashionable, but with the high possibility of tear gas being released. Please only wear your glasses and not contact lenses. You can equally look fashionable in glasses. What’s stopping you from getting a pair of yellow glasses?

Image Credit: diveintofashion.com
Image Credit: diveintofashion.com

7) Tents and sleeping bags

BERSIH 4.0 is a 2-day rally, so tents or sleeping bags might be needed for you to rest at night. Best of course to go with the yellow theme! However, please make sure that you do not disrupt the flow of “Sehati Sejiwa” concert as well as the traffic at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Image Credit: news.danawa.com
Image Credit: news.danawa.com

8) Medication

Bring all your necessary medication such as inhalers, insulins, etc. There are going to be a lot of people in the rally. Previous BERSIH rallies had more than 100,000 participants, it would be quite hard to seek for medical attention with such a large group of participants.

Image Credit: precisionnutrition.com
Image Credit: precisionnutrition.com

9) Handphone, Powerbank & Digi

Remember to bring your handphone for emergency purposes. With handphone, you can upload and update the social media on the current happenings. Bring a powerbank to avoid having a dead phone. And perhaps use Digi because of the colour!

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10) Dress appropriately

We recommend T-shirt, long or short pants and sports shoes. There will be lots of walking and running. But then again, Jurassic World teaches us that a pair of good high heels can out run a dinosaur!

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Last but not least…

You may also want to bring along a donation tin. An estimate of about 100,000 turn up is expected for BERSIH 4.0. Bring a donation tin and you might end up being RM2.6 billion richer. You’ll never know! Lightning could strike twice on the same spot! MALAYSIA BOLEH!

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