10 Easy Ways To Learn Coding For Free Online

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Coding is the new digital literacy. Being able to code a programme teaches you how to think and how to make logical conclusions. Coding solves real world problems. Coding may look difficult to learn in the beginning but think of it as learning a new language.  Just as you need to learn the grammar and syntax of a new language, coding is similar to that. There is so much information available on the internet that it is completely possible to teach yourself coding for free online. Now, let’s explore 10 websites that enable you to pick up coding online for free.

1) edX

In edX, you learn the very basics of coding. There are a wide range of courses available online. From Java programming to website creation in HTML, there are a variety of resources available online. For those who want to learn to create their own video games and graphics online, there are also tutorials to help you do that. For a small fee, you have the option to have your very own verified certificates.

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2) Code.org

At code.org, you are guided step by step to creating your own programmes. Their one hour classes are designed for self study and cater to all people at different learning ages. At the end of the classes you will be amazed at how easy it is to be able to create your own video games. The site is so easy to manoeuvre that children as young as 5 will be having lots of fun and learning at the same time. There is also the parent guide to enable parents to guide and set tasks for the children to learn coding.

3) Codeacademy.com

At codeacademy.com, you will find that coding is separated into 4 main areas. The first is building websites. Then you can go on to more difficult topics like learning to programme and code. Then you progress on to making web based Apps based on your prior study in the first 2 modules. The third section is where you learn to analyse data and make marketing and business projections. The last section teaches you to use developer tools to build, test and collaborate on software that you have created during your lessons. This is highly recommended for new learners.

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4) Freecodecap.com

Freecodecamp teaches you to code and at the same time helps you to build up your portfolio by contributing to ongoing projects in NGOs. This 100% free course gives you verified certificates that are very essential when you are applying for jobs in this industry. You can build your own projects and at the same time build your portfolio in Coding.

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5) Theodinproject.com

This website focuses on becoming a web developer. They teach you the various steps to learning to build your own website using coding. There is even a chat group where you can chat live and ask questions from others. At the end of the course you will be guided to make your own website and add it to your portfolio.100% free as usual.

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6) Hackerrank.com

Their programme teaches you to code in 30 days. Each day you will learn a new topic and try out your coding skills. This fun programme lets you compete with others and vye for a top spot in the HackerRank leaderboard.

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7) Codefights.com

At codefights.com, you get to practise your coding skills further. You will race with others as you solved coding challenges as race to gain the top place in coding. However, this requires you to have already learnt some languages in coding before moving on practise them.

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8) Khan academy

Khan academy is a well known source of free learning resources. Besides learning more about the basics of programming, you have the chance to understand and try out creating computer animation.

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9) Scratch 

Scratch MIT allows you to create storyboards, animations, games and several other web based developments and lets you share it with others on the web. The best part is that you do not need any other prior knowledge before you begin the projects on this site. This site promises lots of fun and learning by solving challenges long the way.

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10) Udacity

Udacity.com offers several tutorials on coding, programming and web development for you to learn at your own pace. Here, there are paid course as well as pro bono ones. For beginners you can easily opt for the several free courses online. There is a whole range of courses on developing Apps for Android and Iphones too. Learn and develop projects at the same time.

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