10 Craftsy Workshops in KL & Selangor to Enrich Your Artsy Side

We believe that the best things in life are the experiences we gain, and there’s no better way than doing things ourselves, with our own two hands! That said, art and craft is always a good way to get in touch with our creative side, and engaging in a little art once in a while is good for us as well. From baking cakes to resin art, here are 10 crafts workshops in KL & Selangor where you can get in touch with your artsy side again! Who knows, you might even pick up a new hobby this way!

1) Baking Workshop

Image Credit: handsonworkshopmy.com

Hands On Workshop was established with the aim of bridging the gap between professional bakers and “normal people” i.e. non-bakers. With the mission of building a fun, impactful learning experience, their premises in Subang Jaya is fully equipped to cater to any baking needs or events. Since their inception, they have hosted almost 100 international workshops, and have had more than 3,000 students! Their workshops are great for team building as well, and if you’re also on the hunt for sweet treats and pastries, you can also purchase them on their website!

2) Resin Art Workshop

Image Credit: Creative Art Resin MY Facebook

We’re not sure if you’ve seen resin art videos before, but they’re mighty impressive. What happens is that a substance called epoxy resin (it’s a liquid) is combined with colour pigments and additives to create different patterns and textures. Mixed with a hardener, it hardens to become solid plastic, and you could have resin art in plenty of products, including furniture. Well, maybe don’t start with furniture. Try trays or coasters instead with Creative Resin Art MY, where they have ready-made products and of course, workshops for you to try your hand as well. Check out their Facebook page for workshop sign ups and availability.

3) Chocolate Workshop

Yes, you can make your own chocolate as well, and this one’s suitable for the littles too! Check out Harriston Chocolate, a chocolate manufacturer in KL where again, they have ready-made products, as well as workshops for you to try your hand at making your own. Harriston Chocolate has been making chocolate for more than 15 years, and they invite you to come share in the joy of chocolate-making with them. To sign up for a workshop or to enquire about availability, click here.

4) Batik Workshop

Image Credit: thebatikboutique.com

Batik is practically synonymous with Malaysian identity, and what better way to immerse in this rich culture of ours by taking up batik on your own? At Batik Boutique, there are two types of techniques available to learn: Batik or Shibori. You’ll have the opportunity to make your own creative patterns and designs in the workshops, as well as practice and try multiple methods of each technique. At the end of it, you can take home your very own personalised Batik Boutique product!

5) Clay Workshop

Image Credit: bearypotterstudio.com

Pottery in particular has really blown up over the past couple of years, and it continues to be one of those hobbies that people are constantly looking to explore. If you’re also one of them who’s looking to try your hand at pottery, check out Beary Potter Studio, where they have wheel throwing or hand building workshops for you to choose from, depending on what you want. In other words, time to make your own products from scratch (clay), and take them home with you to be your pride and joy!

6) Terrarium Workshop

Image Credit: mossarium.com.my

A garden in a jar. Or some other sealable container, almost always made of glass. It’s a fully functional mini garden, and most containers can be opened to access the plants for maintenance. They’re most often decorative items, so if you fancy some greenery in your house without suddenly becoming overriden with houseplants, terrariums may be the way to go. At Mossarium, you can set up your own terrarium with their workshop, which is open to the public every weekend. Corporate teambuilding events are available as well, if you’re thinking about getting in touch with nature for your next team event!

7) General Art and Craft Workshop

Image Credit: The Weekend Workshop Facebook

The easiest way to get in touch with your creative side. The Weekend Workshop is where they offer different types of art workshops each weekend, so it’s best if you check them out to see what tickles your fancy. Some of their workshops include acrylic painting, splash art, and even baking or cake decorating! There’s bound to be something for everyone here, and besides these workshops, they offer private classes, and are open to events and collaborations with others as well!

8) Acrylic Pouring Art Workshop

Image Credit: craftatno7.com

Acrylic pouring art is exactly what it sounds like: you pour paint over a canvas, and see what free-flowing paint can yield! It sounds a lot like surrounding control because you can’t control where the paint will flow, so sign yourself up and be surprised at the results! For this workshop organised by Craft at No. 7, no experience is required, though they encourage an adventurous heart. At the end of the workshop, bring home two medium-sized canvasses of your creation!

9) Painting Workshop

Image Credit: lemasterpiece.net

This painting workshop doesn’t just allow you to paint, but you also sip on wine as you paint. Sounds like an excellent bonding activity between couples, family, or even a girls’ night out! Calling it “Sip & Paint”, Lemasterpiece offers different types of paintings at these workshops. There’s the Glow in the Dark painting, as well as Artistic Painting with Crystal Paint. We don’t know about you, but to us it sounds absolutely magical and ethereal. Check out the website (linked about) to see what it’s all about!

10) Kokedama Making Workshop

Image Credit: craftatno7.com

If this is your first time hearing of kokedama, don’t worry. It’s our first time too. According to the website, “Kokedama is a ball of soil, covered with moss, and bound with strings, transforming into a sculptural art form.” To our understanding, it’s somewhat like a cross between a gardening and art workshop, where you’ll get to learn how to care for and transform the plants, sculptural technique, as well as how to work the kokedama itself. This workshop is again organised by Craft at No. 7 (do check them out, they have a ton of other workshops available as well), and all materials and plants will be provided. Bring home your own creation after the workshop!