10 Commonly Mispronounced Brand Names

Image Credit: Nati Zubeldia

Well, not to worry, you will not be judged if you say any of these brand names wrongly. Because most of us did not get them right the first time too. Here are 10 commonly mispronounced brand names.

1) Porsche

Wrongly pronounced as: Porsh or Pour-share
Correct Pronunciation: Por-shuh

2) Peugeot

Wrongly pronounced as: Pew-Geot or Pia-Juet or Per-Juet
Correction Pronunciation: Pee-o-joe

3) Montblanc

Wronglys pronounced as: Mon-Blank or Mon-Blang
Correction Pronunciation: Mon-Blonk

4) Piaget

Wrongly pronounced as: Pia-Jet
Correction Pronunciation: Pee-ah-jay

5) Hermès

Wrongly pronounced as: Hur-mez
Correct Pronunciation: Air-mehs

6) Guerlain

Wrongly pronounced as: Girl-Lian or Girl-Lane
Correct Pronunciation: Ger-lanh

7) Lanvin

Wrongly pronounced as: Land-Veen
Correct Pronunciation: Lahn-vahn

8) Shu Uemura

Wrongly pronounced as: Shoe-ee-moo-ra
Correct Pronunciation: Shoe-oo-eh-moo-rah

9) Givenchy

Wrongly pronounced as: Gee-ven-Chee
Correct Pronunciation: Gee-von-shee

10) Yves Saint Laurent

Wrongly pronounced as: Yes-Saint-Law-Ren
Correct Pronunciation: Eves-sung-lor-honh