10 Best Blenders For Your Kitchen Needs

10 Best Blenders For Your Kitchen Needs

Juices, smoothies, shakes, soups, sauces, you name it… there are many things you can make using a blender. This also explains why having a blender is such an essential item for your kitchen no matter for personal or professional use. So, whether you are looking to purchase it for the first time or simply replace a new one, check out these 10 Best Blenders For Your Kitchen Needs in alphabetical order.

1) Kitchenaid Diamond Blender

If your budget’s not an issue and don’t mind a taller blender than usual, then the Kitchenaid Diamond Blender is worth checking out. First things first, the overall retro design looks sleek enough to fit nicely on a kitchen countertop. It has four pre-set buttons designed for the likes of making soups, sauces, smoothies and even frozen yoghurt. Also, the blender handles it well when it comes to crushing ice cubes, thanks to its durable stainless-steel tri-blade. For peace of mind, the blender’s tight but easy-to-remove lid with the help of a loop at the back ensures your blending goes smoothly without having to worry about potential leakage.

Kitchenaid Diamond Blender
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2) Khind BL-2000P Blender

Be it hot soups, smoothies, juices, sauces or crushing ice cubes, you can count on Khind BL-2000P Blender to do the job. In a sleek black design that looks both elegant and professional, it has variable speeds that come in handy for adjustment purposes as well as a timer selection and a pulse function. The jar itself is made from polycarbonate, a plastic material known for its durability and resistance to impact.

Khind BL-2000P Blender
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3) Morphy Richards 403035 Personal Blender

Looking for a blender minus the usual full-size design? Here’s one for you from Morphy Richards. The compact size fits well enough on any kitchen countertop while the blender is easy to use. Simply fill the ingredients into the beaker and attach the blending blade. Then, fit it on the designated base and start blending! With two speeds and a pulse function, you can adjust the setting according to your preference. Suitable for blending smoothies, shakes and juices, it even comes with an additional beaker with drinking lids — perfect for those who are constantly on the go.

Morphy Richards Personal Blender 403035
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4) Panasonic MX-V300KSL

The word “versatile” is best describes the Panasonic MX-V300KSL, a multifunction blender that makes your kitchen tasks easier. It comes with easy-to-use auto menus, where you just need to press the designated button and the blender will do the rest. This includes everything from blending juices and smoothies to pureeing soups. Cleaning the blender is equally easy as well. Simply fill the jar with tap water and detergent and clean its interior by pressing the Cleaning Mod button. There are two types of blenders available, with the MX-V300KSL using a plastic-based jar while the MX-V310KSL being a glass version.

Panasonic MX-V300KSL
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5) Pensonic PB-802 1.0L Batik Series Blender PB802

Here’s an affordably-priced blender that costs below RM 100. Nothing fancy since it doesn’t come with any pre-set functions. But it does come with different settings, where you can twist the button to adjust your preferred speed either 1 or 2 and an added pulse function.

Pensonic PB-802 1.0L Batik Series Blender PB802
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6) Philips HR3652 Glass Blender

Using a powerful 1,400W motor, the Philips HR3652 Glass Blender is capable of blending fruits and vegetables both smoother and finer. The latter is made possible, thanks to the brand’s ProBlend 6 3D technology. With a 2-litre capacity, the jar is large enough to blend more than just a glass, making it ideal for sharing purposes. The speed is equally adjustable, allowing you to blend everything soft or hard. And by hard, you don’t have to worry about using it to crush some ice cubes.

Philips HR3652 Glass Blender
Image Credit: philips.com.my

7) Philips ProBlend Crush Technology Blender HR2221/01

Here’s another quality blender from Philips but in a lower price range. The highlights, of course, lies in the blender’s 4-star blade and the five preset settings. For the former, the blade is sharp enough to blend, pulse, puree and even crush ice cubes with relative ease. Ideal for juices, smoothies, soups, shakes and sauces.

Philips ProBlend Crush Technology Blender HR2221/01
Image Credit: philips.com.my

8) Tefal Blender BL3075 Blendforce

A force, indeed, given its whopping 6 stainless steel blades and a powerful 400W motor designed for the likes of blending and pulsing different types of ingredients. It features two variable speeds too. The blades, in the meantime, can be detached, making it easy for cleaning purposes.

Tefal Blender BL3075 Blendforce
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9) Tefal Opti Touch Hand Blender HB833840

Not a traditional jar-based blender but more of a hand blender, better known as an immersion blender. It’s compact, light and easy to use. And yes, it’s good for making soup. But that’s not all Tefal Opti Touch HB833840 can do. With up to 16 speeds, you can also use it to make purees and smoothies. The soft-touch handle is ergonomically designed to ensure you get a firm but comfortable grip upon doing your blending work. If that’s not enough, it comes with three accessories for different blending needs. One of them happens to be a detachable balloon whisk, perfect for whisking eggs or heavy cream.

Tefal Opti Touch Hand Blender HB833840
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10) Tefal BL985 Ultrablend Boost Hi-Speed Blender

Rounding up our pick of best blenders is Tefal BL985 Ultrablend Boost — a heavy-duty blender that comes with a hefty price tag. But looking at the functions and the overall build quality, we have to say it’s pretty much justified. It runs on a high-speed 1,300W motor and a total of 6 stainless steel blades that can effectively cut, chop and pulse different kinds of ingredients added into a blender. The jar itself is thermo-resistant and also BPA-free, making it not only suitable for blending hot and cold ingredients but also safe from potentially toxic effects. There’s more: the blender comes with an easy-to-use smart digital display, with 6 automatic programmes available. Simply press your preferred button, say for making soups or blending juices.

Tefal BL985 Ultrablend Boost Hi-Speed Blender
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