10 Most Annoying Types of People On Earth

Image Credit: kamaratoffolo.com

There are some people in the world that are just plain irritating and always get on your nerves. Too bad, there is no such thing as 100% peace and we all have to deal with these horrible people that are bound to appear in our lives somehow someday. Which type of annoying people do you hate the most?

1) The Spoiled Brats

The Spoiled Brats are pampered and their parents treat them like royalty. They think the world is created just to bow under their command and they start whining like mad if things don’t go their way.

2) Bullies

Nastiest people on earth! Perhaps it’s their insecurity during childhood, they try to get security from someone else’s pain. They don’t feel bad making fun of people, instead they enjoy doing it!

3) The Smarty-Pants Wannabes

It is ok to be knowledgeable and humble but it will turn unpleasant when one behaves as if they know everything. Some even go to the extent of stubbornly distorting the facts to their own opinion.

4) The Braggarts

A fine line between Braggart and The Smarty-Pants Wannabe, but the annoying Braggarts have to constantly tell the world how great they are doing at work, how rich they are, what car they drive and how amazing their child is doing at school. Who want to know really?

5) Racists

Racist people are those who discriminate another by skin colour. Foolish and narrow-minded. We wonder who give them the right to differentiate.

6) Inconsiderate People

Here we mean people who cut queue, talk during movie, take up a few seats for their own use as well as other insensitive actions. So selfish and disgraceful! Annoying for sure!

7) The Great Pretenders

Also known as the Hypocrites, they are the worst liars who pretend to be what they are not. For example, people who pretend to be gentlemen when they have hidden agenda or people who pretend to help you when it’s not from the bottom of their hearts!

8) The Sore Losers

People who’d rather die than admit that they were wrong about something or they have failed. To the extreme, some like to pass on the blame to you to save themselves. Sore Losers!

9) The Misers

Persons who reserve wealth and spend as little money as possible. Calculative too. Don’t waste time hoping that they will treat you. Also be ready to fork out pennies for your portion. And it’s not negotiable!

10) Drama Queens

Those who habitually responds to situations in a melodramatic way. Surely the ones who love to exaggerate or become overly emotional when react to events or situations. Ahh, such a drama queen.

Which type of person you hate the most? Share with us.