10 Amazing Things That WeChat Can Do in China

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WeChat, as we all know, is a huge and well-known messaging app. In China, WeChat is known by another name called Weixin (微信), which in literal definition is “micro message”. The app was launched in January 2011 and was a hit. Over 400 days after it launches, it had 100 million users, the number rose to 300 million by January 2013 and the number just keeps increasing afterwards.

One thing we were not aware of, WeChat is more than just a messaging app and there is a range of things that people in China has used it for. Here are 10 amazing things that WeChat Can Do in China.

1)  A Mobile Wallet

One small step by adding a bank or a credit card and connect with WeChat Pay. With this, you can use it in most of the stores in China to make cashless payments. The number of stores participating in this norm grows each day, which makes it easier and safer for everyone. You can also transfer money to friends and families. It’s normal for people in China to treat their sick friends by giving them money to cheer them up. What a friendship!

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2)  ‘Lucky Envelopes’

Lucky Envelopes is a form of sending money to friends as well. However, the difference is that it is famously done during Chinese New Year. How it’s done is the user will pick a lump sum of money they want to share, and WeChat gives out random amounts to selected friends in virtual red envelopes.

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3)  Go Dutch!

Go Dutch is WeChat’s very own bill-split app. This helps you to divide the bill. You can then transfer your share of the bill to your friend, through the app.

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4)  Books? Just WeChat!

Would like to catch up on some reading? Many media outlets, bloggers, celebrities and brands have public accounts on WeChat. In China, WeChat has become the new way to read or study.

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5)  Food Delivery

Ele.me is China’s top food delivery startup. It is somewhat similar to our FoodPanda and GoGet. Ele.me however, uses WeChat as a platform for people to order food and drinks.

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6)  Laundry

Dirty clothes are bundling up? And you’re just too lazy to do your own laundry? Edaixi is a start-up company in China that offers actual laundry services through WeChat.

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7)  Daily Deals

Dianping is a daily deals site baked into WeChat. Book a karaoke session to let loose! And get great discounts from any meal deals near you.

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8)  Sharing location

Share realtime location with a friend. This is useful especially you’re meeting up with friends or families.

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9) Compare Prices

Do some show-rooming. You can scan a product barcode using WeChat and browse through how much it costs online, while you’re in the store, shopping!

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10)  Dream Car – a WeChat away!

Automakers have their own WeChat account that is public, and it allows you to browse through the newest models. You can even set up your dream car! You just have to go to the dealership to make payments.

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