Your Dose of Eastern Inspiration with Antiques From All Over The World

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There is something absolutely alluring and captivating about vintage goods. They are capable of setting a different vibe and tone to the atmosphere. However, it could also be the story that lies behind that antique that makes us so mesmerised. Despite that, many people have inaccurate perceptions of antiques – outdated, bulky or expensive. On the contrary, the folks at Eastern Inspiration are here to show you a different light to these goods and make you appreciate them a little bit more.

About Eastern Inspiration

They specialize in antique Chinese ceramics, furniture and cultural vintages and crafts from the South-East Asia. In addition, they provide sourcing services for antique and furniture collectors so that can tap on their wide network of dealers and collectors. As they are located in the heart of Chinatown, the shop is also well-stocked with good quality yet affordable cultural pieces such as porcelain tea-sets, betel nut boxes and Peranakan pieces etc. As part of their initiative to share the Chinese culture with tourist and locals alike, they serve traditional Chinese tea daily on a complimentary basis for visitors to experience a simple Chinese tea ceremony.

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The Eastern Specialty 

One of the more unique items they carry in our store are up-cycled antique lamps. They are lamps which we make by converting antique (100 years old and above), into fully functional table lamps. It may no longer have much value from the perspective of an antique collector. However, many still can appreciate the art, culture and utility of the broken antique vase once converted into a beautiful lamp. Moreover, every piece is unique, thus there will ever be two same lamps. They also have a good collection of mainly Qing Dynasty ceramics, furniture (including a 19th Century wedding bed), interesting culturally inspired bronze and wood sculptures to help customers fill their home with style and joy.

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The Man Behind The Antiques

The business was founded in the 1985 by a machinist designing and making gears for machines used in big factories. However, he have always loved Chinese culture and antique and dreamt that one day he will own an antique business of my own. Hence, when the opportunity came, he seized it! The business is run by a small yet dedicated team of people. They work like family and is deliberately kept that way. They want customers to feel comfortable, as if they have been invited to someone’s house when they step into the store.

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Shaping the Future With Antiques

Many still perceive antiques to be old, boring, irrelevant and expensive. Furthermore, many consumers cannot differentiate value from price. They hope to create a fresh retail concept that helps bring people closer to antique and culture. Imagine it to be a hybrid of a museum, a workshop and a retail shop. Like a museum where people can learn about and see authentic pieces, like a workshop where people can touch and feel the items, and sometime take part in fun activities enhance the experience, like a retail shop where people can bring home the things they fancy for a reasonable price. Ultimately, they want to share the culture and tradition through the vintage/antique pieces in the shops. It is like creating a Time-Machine where visitors feel they have travelled back in time when they visit the shop.

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“At East Inspirations, you do not merely buy a “thing”. You bring back with you a piece of heritage, culture and most importantly, stories.”

– East Inspiration

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