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When it comes to buying any products, there will be a significant group of consumers who are suckers for pretty packaging. The Japanese knows this all too well, thereby luring many tourists to buy many of the cute products which are too irresistible. However, a good packaging is more than pure aesthetics as it can provide protection while sending out a strong message. Therefore, it is important to seek a printing provider which will help you address your printing needs.

About YCH Printing & Media

YCH Printing & Media is a specialist in offset and packaging printing. The advantage YCH offers compared to other printing companies is the way that they treat their customers. They are able to with provide printing solutions and knowledge to customers, especially for the new clients. They have their own unique method and solutions given their 18 years of printing experience.

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Printing Solutions Offered

The company specialises in packaging boxes printing and additionally provide hand works for the clients. The hand works is to glue or fold up the boxes. Furthermore, custom-made designs are available for their customers upon request. Seasonal products such as calendars and angpao packets are extremely popular when the festive seasons draw closer.

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Addressing Customers’ Needs as the Priority

The most challenging part about the business is the complexity of printing materials. Most clients are not aware of the available tactile and material in the market. This results in difficulty deciding or placing an order due to variety of the materials available. However, as they aim to provide the best for the customers, they still strive to provide the best advice despite the lengthy explanation for clients.

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Printing As A Way of Life

Although the world is rapidly leaning towards the internet era, it is undeniable that printing remains an essential need given the activities that still require printed materials. The company aims to have 100% customer satisfaction and believes that if they can maintain unity among the team, it is achievable. In the next five years, they plan to expand to the whole of Malaysia by opening a printing outlet in every state. In addition, they will also expand the factory size in order to import advance printing machines to cover every need from clients.

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“We can provide a difference to the customers by providing free consultation to make sure our clients always get the best.”

– YCH Printing & Media

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