Yakson House Uses Golki Therapy For Better Health and Beauty

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The Asian beauty standards indicate that the slim V-shape face is the icon of the perfect face shape. Furthermore, it is long perceived that to achieve the face of your dreams require going under the knife or plastic surgery. However, with Korean aesthetic Yakson House, they are pushing these boundaries and showing the world how it’s done, surgery-free! Therefore, unless you’re one of the lucky few who are blessed with the desirable V-Shape face, find out how you can alter your face shape.

About Yakson House

Yakson is a beauty spa that offers traditional Korean massages using the ‘Golki technique’ to improve face and body shape and function. This non-invasive manual treatment aims to make your face look smaller and slimmer. Their special face massages can improve the V-line shape and treat wide cheekbones of a person to create a beautiful balanced symmetrical shape. In addition, they also provide special programs for the entire body which will helps with stiffness, weight loss and balance.

Image credit: Yakson House

Understanding the Origin of Golki Therapy

Bones play an essential role and provide many functions to our body. The unique Golki-therapy used by Yakson House was invented by Chairman Lee-Byung Chul after intensive research on massage techniques for those with health issues. Additionally, Golki therapy involves stimulation of the bones through the skin, promoting circulation, improving supply of nutrients and discharge of wastes. Later on, an aesthetic business would join the health-oriented Golki Therapy for an entirely new concept.

Image credit: Yakson House

The Yakson Philosophy

The Yakson philosophy is truth and honesty. To Yakson, the hand is the heart’s messenger. Their genuine wish is for clients to become more beautiful and enjoy better health. Furthermore, their utmost priority is providing high-quality service, facilities and the treatment of customers in the highest regard. Therefore, for those seeking to achieve better health and beauty without the need for surgery, Yakson house will ensure that you are in good hands.

Image credit: Yakson House

“truth and honesty are the real powers that move the world. The brand that does not settle for anything less than truth and honesty. THAT’S yAKSON hOUSE.”


Experience the Golki therapy technique at Yakson:

1) Harbourfront: 1 Maritime Square Harbourfront Centre #02-17 Singapore 099253
Phone Number: 6734-8555

2) The Star Vista: #B1-24 1 Vista Exchange Green Singapore 138617
Phone Number: 6734-8333
(Free parking is available from Monday to Friday at 12 – 3pm)

3) Wheelock Place: 501 Orchard Road Wheelock Place #05-12A Singapore 238880
Phone Number: 6734-8777