Wahab’s Laundry is Your One Stop Laundry Station

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When it comes to conducting house chores, not many people are enthusiastic about it. However, it is a task that needs to be done. Laundry is one of the tasks that you wish would do itself and appear as a pile of freshly folded clothes in your cupboard. Although it seems impossible (unless mom helps you with laundry), there are services that aim to make your laundry experience a better one. Wahab’s Laundry will be able to assist you in your basic laundry needs.

About Wahab’s Laundry

Wahab’s Laundry is a self-service laundry that operates at Bandar Sunway, Seberang Jaya. They are open everyday for 24 hours. The idea came when the founders themselves were regular customers for a self-service laundry. They try to understand the needs of customers and provide the best service possible. Furthermore, there was no self-service laundry around Seberang Jaya at that time. Therefore, they took the risk to open the first self-service laundry in Bandar Sunway Seberang Jaya.

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Great Service at Low Prices

They try to provide the best customer experience they would have, even providing standby staff at night to assist anyone who is in need. They take pride in using the best machines available in markets to provide laundry services for customers. Machines are from Speed Queen that originates from the United States. Additionally, they also have been certified by Suruhanjaya Tenaga for their machines. Furthermore, they provide free detergent and softener as a complementary washing at their shop. It will be dispensed automatically by the machine. So customers just need to bring their clothes for washing and operate the machine.

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Service As A Priority

Their main aim is to provide comfort to the customers and to make them feel like they are doing their laundry at home. In addition, they are also a family-friendly premise. A great satisfaction is when they hear customers’ good feedback from the services and would like to return again. Their future plan is to expand the business to other areas which are in need of self-service laundromats.

Image credit: Wahab’s Laundry

“Never give up and always believe in your customers.”

– Wahab’s Laundry

A laundry service that opens 24 hours: