Tough Cookie Apparel Celebrates Strength In Women

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Women tends to put a lot of pressure on themselves. In the midst of juggling career and family, women also feel compelled to look their best. After the working hours, house chores and duties, where women still need to find time to work out and stay fit. Therefore, it is important to make it easy for ladies to be able to project the best version of themselves. At Tough Cookie, they have done the research and takes pride in making you feel and look good.

About Tough Cookie

At Tough Cookie, they celebrate strength in women and champion an active lifestyle. Whether it’s yoga, aerial arts or pole dance, they have got you covered. They aim to give you that added boost of confidence as you stretch those muscles. Hence, their outfits are fun meets fashionable, and sassy meets sporty. From sourcing the right material, to braiding straps individually by hand, they prides itself on quality products to make you feel good and look good. Each piece has been specially designed so you can workout in both comfort and style. In fact, they’re the perfect apparel to wear on lazy weekends and casual meals out.

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Signature Cookie Pieces

Their signature pieces would be their garter bikini bottoms. They were the first to take the garter element out of the lingerie category and make them part of their swimwear bottoms. Many girls love the design so much that they started wearing the garter bottoms under their denim shorts to the streets! In addition, they want their apparel to be versatile. As a result, they are also multi-functional. Their bra tops and bottoms can double up as swim wear. Furthermore, their items are designed such that they can be a statement piece to set off the rest of your outfit. For example, you can pair Nyssa or Andrea top with a low-cut shirt.

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The Tough Cookie Behind The Business

Tough Cookie us currently a one woman team with help from some supportive friends. She have always had a strong interest in personal style and fashion, and majored in fashion design when she was in school. Upon graduation, she knew that she wanted to enter the fashion industry in some way or another. Her first job was an assistant brand executive for a major multi-label company, but soon realised that she wanted more creative freedom. So she combined the two things that she loves, fashion and fitness, and took the leap of faith to start Tough Cookie.

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Empowering Women To Be Tough

Ultimately, they want every girl who wears their clothes to feel confident, and comfortable. A huge part of their ethos is that the apparel must be versatile – it should take you seamlessly from your workout to your daily activities. Additionally, if they can inspire more girls to enjoy working out and feel good about themselves and their bodies, then that would make everything that they do worth it. They hope to expand in Korea, reaching out to other countries and grow their line of products. In their new Greece collection, they have introduced leggings and a skirt. They want to introduce more apparel will definitely cater to a wider audience who have different preferences in the future.

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“we want to promote strength, resilience, and keeping fit the healthy way.”

– Tough COOKIE

Feel and look good with Tough Cookie Apparel: