Thryft Gives Old Books A New Lease Of Life And Saves The Earth

Image Credit: Thryft

Books sometimes do not come cheap. Plus, they use a lot of paper, which takes a toll on the environment. Pre-loved books sometimes also have nowhere to go, resulting in wastage. The solution? Get second-hand books! Thryft is combining the love of books and sustainability to provide second-hand books at great prices with less damage to the environment!

About Thryft

Thryft is an online second-hand bookstore with sustainability at heart. It was soft-launched in late 2019, and officially kicked into full operations in 2020. They provide affordable and sustainable alternatives to brand new books, choosing to re-home pre-loved books. At Thryft, they do not use plastic packaging, choosing to use repurposed paper instead. Besides that, they are also committed to helping others: they donate 10% of all profits to causes they believe in.

Image Credit: Thryft

At A Lower Cost

Thryft was founded by a group of university students. They were of diverse majors, but unified by their common love for books and belief in the value of the second-hand market. The idea of Thryft came about when they observed locked-up supplies of books in household and brick-and-mortar second-hand bookstores, as well as the inconvenience of trading these books. Therefore, they decided to do something to free up this supply by creating an efficient system. With the help of e-commerce and smart algorithms, it’s much convenient to buy or sell these books, and it provides fair valuation to both parties too. All in all, consumers can get books at a lower cost–both for their pocket and the environment.

Image Credit: Thryft

What’s At Thryft?

From textbooks, best-selling novels and non-fiction books, you can find them all at Thryft. Even though books are pre-loved, rest assured that they are all in acceptable conditions, and you can find out more about each book’s specific conditions on their individual product page. Also, Thryft has a trade-in system, where you can trade-in your books to them, and receive credits that you can spend on their online store for future purchases. As a result, this could be a sustainable ecosystem for book lovers. So if you’re a book buyer, or want to give your books a new life and share the value of sustainability, Thryft is the place to go!

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Building A Community

Thryft also regularly partners up with organisations to help them out, where part or all profits from sales go back to the organisations. Their initiatives include “Partners for Change” and ” Books for Charity”, in which 100% and 50% of profits went back to their causes, respectively. Just this past April, they sold 503 books, and helped out with sustainability causes, which you can find out more about here. In the future, they hope to launch a mobile app for better convenience, and to change the landscape of consumerism as well. Furthermore, they hope to become the biggest online second-hand market by working together with other traditional second-hand bookstores, and by venturing into other markets.

Image Credit: Thryft

Sustainability lies at the heart of all that we do. We envision to build a sustainable ecosystem that benefits both the planet and the people, through the measures we take to minimise our ecological footprint and the partnerships and social initiatives mentioned above.” – Thryft

To get books at great prices and help the earth, visit! Also keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram pages for more updates!