The Rock School Provides Awesome Sports Climbing Fun

Kids and youths today have plenty of options when it comes to hobbies or extracurricular activities. Whether it is music or performing arts, these pastimes can help develop their skills and talents. However, it is also important not to neglect physical activities and sports which can help with their coordination and health. Rock climbing is an activity that is suitable for many and could be a great experience for all. The Rock School believes that it can change you once you give it a try!

About The Rock School

The Rock School (TRS) is built specially to nurture the growth and development of sport climbing in Singapore as well as spread the love for this exciting sport. With their state-of-the-art climbing facility which includes 30 lanes of top-rope wall, 10 lanes of lead wall and a 4.5m-tall bouldering area, all – kids, youth, adults and families – may enjoy many exciting routes seven days a week!

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Why Learn To Climb?

Rock climbing is a great sport to build and maintain both fitness and mental strength. Some benefits include:

  1. Developing stronger character such as resilience and confidence
  2. Inculcating values on safety and responsibility
  3. Enhances mental focus and the ability to manage pressure
  4. Improving physical fitness
  5. Productive channelling of youthful energy
  6. Encourages flexibility
  7. Improving sense of balance and coordination
  8. Instilling fun in sports

These benefits of rock climbing are further amplified by TRS’ well-trained instructors who not only have the passion for the sport but also the patience and skills in coaching kids, youths and adults including senior citizens, while ensuring safety. Top this off with their state-of-the-art climbing facilities and well-maintained climbing equipment, climbers may focus on their goal of reaching for greater heights.

More Than Just Scaling A Wall

Their myriad of programmes, including classes, teams, clubs, climbing parties and camps, are designed specifically to foster physical, cognitive and affective development through movement and are great for people of all ages and abilities. For beginners, they offer easy to moderate routes in a safe and encouraging environment. Experienced climbers may enjoy the challenge of tougher routes and even meet some of the country’s top climbers. Featuring more than 40 lanes for climbing and a bouldering wall, TRS is an excellent venue for schools and organisations looking for a unique climbing experience for their next learning journey, party, field trip, team-bonding activity or the random adventure. Their Event Coordinator will help you build the perfect programme from designing, coordinating and hosting the event.

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Spreading The Love For Climbing

TRS aims to promote and introduce the sport to more people and in doing so, drive across the idea that the sport is beneficial for everyone both physically and mentally. It is also a great activity for youth engagement! Their most notable achievement would be the partnership with different agencies to organize a record-breaking event. They broke the Singapore Book of Records by climbing a total of 53km in celebration of the Nation’s 53rd Birthday in 2018. In the near future, they are looking to expand their current space to include more amenities and facilities so that they can cater to an even larger community with different needs.

Image credit: The Rock School

“Everyone can climb. But with the right guidance, you can scale to greater heights.”

– The Rock School

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