Style Your Home with Tish

Home interior designing and decorating can always be achievable within your budget. If you think you have to always sacrifice comfort for sophistication? Think again. Everyone should have the flexibility to personalise their homes with pieces that tell a story about themselves. Tish proves to you that luxury isn’t necessarily expensive and you can style and decorate your home with affordable homeware, which exudes everyday luxury and made of high quality craftsmanship.

The Birth of Tish

Tish was founded in 2014 by Shermaine Wong with a simple thought that a home should make one smile. “I personally wanted to decorate my new home with chic stylish pieces but I noticed there was a lack of curated interior pieces and personalise pieces in Malaysia and when there were, they were all so expensive. My personal goal has always been wanting to create lifestyle products that influences people’s lives in a positive way,” Shermaine tells TallyPress about her idea of starting Tish.

Working together with a team of 5, they started Tish by offering personalised scented organic candles before expanding to a wider selection of home accessories. They emphasised in using high quality materials in every product they made. The team put their passion, creativity, heart and soul into designing something truly beautiful for their customers. “One of the best parts of having your own business is being able to have an idea and then to implement or work on it right away,” Shermaine tells

Signature Products

Tish offers an all organic and vegan-friendly scented candles, Tish Candles, in White Gardenia, French Vanilla, Fresh Cranberry and Black Cherry scents, which can be personalised according to any occasion. They create unique labels, gift tags and packaging based on the ordered theme and didn’t stop at just selling scented candles, they also offer homeware including Gilded Brazilian set of 4 agate coasters, set of 5 rose gold hangers, limited edition marble vases, marble print polymer clay boys by Malaysian designer, All The Nns and many

More than just candles and homeware

Shermaine is passionate about discovering and supporting emerging talent, locally and internationally, particularly those who shared the same beliefs in design, styling and quality. She started Tish Collective to build a creative community for small businesses to showcase and sell their masterpieces on Tish online

Apart from that, she believes in creating synergies through collaboration. She has recently worked with some like-minder curators in a series of bespoke scented candle collaborations such as Cuevolution for Lychee Peony Candle, Harper’s BAZAAR for Rose Inspirée Candle for Breast Cancer Awareness and Inez Calligraphy for Mistletoe Kisses Candle.

The team has also worked with many lifestyle magazines to create a beautiful setting and have it published in print. Some of their notable works include Her World magazine to create an intimate Rustic Chic Christmas brunch, Malaysian Women’s Weekly for a Black & White editorial spread for their Christmas issue and Female magazine for an Oriental Boudoir Valentine’s Day brunch.

In 2015, Shermaine launched Tish Events, a creative design studio that provides conceptualisation, designing and styling for weddings, galas, intimate soirees, magazine editorial spreads and look

Tish’s future plans

“We are working towards new candle scents for 2016, inspired by florals and nature as well as a new line of homeware. We’re keeping ourselves open to opportunities to collaborate and expand international. We’re excited to collaborate with a variety of brands to craft one-of-a-kind products available in our online store,” Shermaine tells TallyPress.

To succeed in business (and even in life!), you need to
1) Become the best so keep learning, updating your knowledge and challenge yourself;
2) Keep reinventing, reinvigorating and staying fresh and relevant;
3) Have tenacious self-belief to be able to always back yourself and forge ahead against the odds.

— Shermaine Wong, Founder of Tish

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