Stand Out of the Crowd With Quirky and Colourful Pieces of Taratata Jewellery

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Everyone loves a good piece of jewellery to match the OOTD. Besides using them as an accessory, it has become increasing common to use these trinkets as a statement. If you feel that the conventional silver or gold jewellery is so passé, here comes a range of colourful and unique set of jewellery such as telephones, schools, and breakfast sets to brighten up your entire collection –  Taratata jewellery!

Learn about Taratata Jewellery

We are really excited to introduce Taratata, a unique and extraordinary jewellery collections to Malaysia. Established in Normandy, France since 1986, Taratata has now becoming an international brand with boutiques and point of sales worldwide. Taratata jewellery is inspired by daily life symbols, arty icons, anything wild and fun. You will find jewels that resemble telephone, DIY home makeover kits, sewing machine, traffic signals and things that go beyond your imagination. T Two Luxe Collections (T2) is the exclusive distributor for Taratata, creative designer jewellery from France.

Image credit: T Two Luxe
Image credit: T Two Luxe

Taratata’s Journey

Fashion jewellery is essential for every wardrobe at all ages. It adds zest into an outfit and light up the mood of the wearer. We believe that even an aunty at age 70 or above can also wear our Taratata jewellery to stand out and send positive vibes surround her!

The idea started when the founders noticed the lack of multi-colored and unique theme jewellery in the market.  The jewellery market especially the silver jewellery in Malaysia is quite homogeneous, which you could hardly tell the difference without the brand label.

Thus, the team has started some research and studies on the jewellery market worldwide.  They instantly fell in love with Taratata from the first moment they laid their eyes on their jewels. Hence, they were determined to introduce Taratata to Malaysia.  Along with their hard work, sweat and tears, they managed to bring in Taratata to Malaysia today.

Image credit: T Two Luxe
Image credit: T Two Luxe

Taratata’s Products

There are a lot of interesting collections by Taratata:

Take an example of Bricolo series which celebrates the spirit of DIY home makeover. Hammer, plier, paint brush and roller are all incorporated in the design. Taratata pays close attention to imitate the DIY kits and you can actually feel the bristle on the paint brush on the jewellery!

The Smart Phone series depicting the olden days of telecommunication by featuring Bakelite black phone, old radio, agenda paper, pencil and irritating twisted cord handset in a comical and delightful manner.

Old school is the all time favourite theme for Taratata. If you miss your school days, you will definitely enjoy the Maths and Papier Carbone series. Your school time stationary from pencil, classic black fountain pen, abacus, world atlas, geometry tools are all found in the jewels of the collections.

If you are a cat lover, you will certainly unable to resist the Gym Tonic series. Cute cat, red dotted heart and a cosy home is awaiting you to take them home. For expectant moms, babies, we have something specially for you: The Poupon is the Bebe collection, full of sweetness with adorable elements of sleeper dolls, teddy, comb and baby in stroller with pacifier.

Image credit: T Two Luxe
Image credit: T Two Luxe

Taratata in Malaysia

Their mission is to source unique and beautifully crafted fashion jewellery from all around the world to our valued customers. Everyone who is YOUNG and YOUNG AT HEART will be the perfect match. Although some will argue Taratata is for the school girls, however, they stand firm to say that Taratata is ideal for all ages, from 7 months old baby to more than 70 years old ah ma!

With Taratata, they are aiming to expand the business to more point of sales nationally and internationally. Being online shoppers, they understand there will be some doubts while buying things over the internet. Therefore, they have uploaded a short video showcasing some of their products. The video is captured with just an Iphone 5 and natural sunlight. You can find the product video here:

* No special modification and effects on the video besides the captions and subtitles. Taratata wishes to show you the REAL LOOK of the jewellery!

Taratata is a great jewellery brand and they can’t wait to see people wearing Taratata walking around on the street in Malaysia! They also open for collaboration with bloggers and youtubers. If you have a great idea with their products, kindly contact them at !

Image credit: T Two Luxe
Image credit: T Two Luxe

Stay young at heart ALWAYS. Live bold and bloom.

— T Two Luxe, exclusive distributor for Taratata

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