Spread Your Love With Fleuriste’s Perfect Blooms

Flowers are key to making your dream wedding or celebration come alive, say your words to your beloved ones, or bring your corporate events into a new different league. Fleuriste has definitely done a great job in this space. With their creative and outstanding craftsmanship, Fleuriste managed to catch a number of Singapore media houses’ attention within a short time span. Brace yourself for more show-stopping bouquets, as we walk you through Fleuriste.

About Fleuriste

Fleuriste was recently founded in 2015 by two beautiful ladies, Sarah and Joan, with the aim of sharing their love for flowers with the people who appreciate everyday blooms in unique arrangements. The founders believe in celebrating everyday. “No occasion is too small to show your love, appreciation and friendship with one of our extraordinary bouquets. All our bouquets are bespoke, and specially customised to your specifications and budget. Every bouquet consists of carefully curated blossoms, an exotic mix of everyday flowers to exotic and rare blooms,” Joan tells TallyPress about the business.


The Fleuriste Story

Both Sarah and Joan knew each other when there were working in the same company. They both shared a common interest in flowers and this was where the idea of Flueriste was born. Flueriste was debuted with its first pop-up store at the Public Garden Consumer trade show in June 2015.

While continuous improvement requires a commitment to learning, both founders decided to excel in this industry by enrolling into various programmes over the course of last year. Sarah took up courses at both Judith Blacklock Flower School in London, and Catherine Muller Flower School in Paris while Joan has completed her course at the Nobleman School of Floral Design in Singapore, and is currently pursuing the Professional Certification in Florist Development.


Creating A Variety of Bespoke Floral Services

Specialising in bespoke floral arrangements, Fleuriste strives to provide excellent personalised services for all their clients. They will always conduct multiple consultation sessions to ensure they fully understand their customers’ requirements for all bespoke services, so that everyone can enjoy the happiness a bunch of fresh bloom brings.


The Adventurous is Fleuriste’s best-selling bouquet, created by using a blue hydrangea along with white Eustomas and green tricks. Apart from floral bouquet, Flueriste also offers wedding and event floral arrangements, floral subscription service, as well as workshops (both scheduled, and private sessions) where participants gets the opportunity to create their very own bouquet or arrangement.


The Future Plans for Fleuriste

“Flowers are perishable, and budgeting the amount of flowers to purchase is definitely one of the most challenging aspects of the business. Too little flowers, and we’ll have to make an additional run to the nursery. Too many flowers, and we’ll end up junking the unused flowers,” Joan shares the challenges her team faces with TallyPress.  While working on a plan to address this challenge, the team is in preparation to launch their bouquet-of-the-day daily delivery service in the near future.


Remember, flowers can make or break an occasion, and waking up to a lovely floral scent can change your day from an ordinary day, to an exceptional day!

— Joan, Co-Founder of Fleuriste

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