Slurp Up Pink Cactus Smoothies at Playmade Bubble Tea

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When it comes to bubble milk tea, many people fall head over heels over this Taiwanese drink with chewy pearls! Although many brands are available out there, a good bubble tea lies within the quality and freshness of the ingredients. Additionally, the boring flavours and artificial flavouring often turn people off from this sugary drink. However, Playmade Bubble Tea will please your tastebuds with unique drinks and their freshly made pearls.

About Playmade Bubble Tea

PlayMade by 丸作 is a Taiwanese bubble tea brand’s outpost in Singapore. They take pride in ensuring that everything on the menu is made by hand, and only with the freshest all-natural ingredients. Their creative drinks and Pearl Flavors made with healthy, handmade and quality products sets them apart from other brands.

Image credit: Playmade Bubble Tea

Uniquely Fresh and Different

They focus on using natural and fresh ingredients and seek to hunt for unique flavours like Orange Pulp Green Tea, Burnt Caramel Latte, Grapefruit Honey Green Tea, and even the exotic Pink Cactus Smoothie. Furthermore, they address the concerns of nutrition-conscious consumers by ensuring everything on the menu is handmade with zero artificial additives. In addition, the pearls are from fresh and natural ingredients without the use of additives or food colourings. For example, the pink cactus pearls are from the delicate pink pulp of the “penghu” cactus, which is found only in Taiwan. They also use fresh fruits for the drinks, with the hand-pulped flesh still visible in the drink.

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Sharing The Love For Pearls

Co-owners Amanda Poo, 29, and Crystal Wee, 31, decided to introduce PlayMade to Singapore after falling in love with its bubble tea during a trip to Taiwan earlier this year. They hope to bring it home for everyone to try, and so they can continue enjoying it too. The team are a bunch of dedicated youngsters who loves bubble tea. The founders are one family who wish to bring 丸作 to Singapore to let every one enjoy the natural handmade pearls.

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Guilt-Free Pearls For Customers

As their pearls are handmade everyday and are best eaten fresh, it complicates the process in our preparation of the pearls, hence the staff needs to monitor and manage the supply of the pearls very carefully. The variety of teas they have are also much more compared to other bubble tea chains, hence they need to slowly figure out the optimal process to manage their tea supply. However, their passion to bring healthy, fresh hand-made flavoured pearls is worth all their effort. Ultimately, they would like to expand their presence to be able to bring healthy bubble tea to more customers.

Image credit: Playmade Bubble Tea

“The pearl making process to us is a form of art. In PlayMade, we stick to our philosophy that we will be using all natural and handmade ingredients to provide the best and the healthiest drink for you.”

– Playmade Bubble Tea

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