Scale To New Heights With Z-Vertigo Boulder Gym

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Climbing and bouldering is increasingly becoming a popular activity, whether for leisure or profession. In fact, there are even some interactive climbing walls to offer a different kind of climbing experience! Regardless, if you’re looking for a place to climb, head over to Z-Vertigo Boulder Gym, where climbers of all levels are welcome!

About Z-Vertigo Boulder Gym

Z-Vertigo Boulder Gym was launched in 2019 by Rozihan Anwar, together with his wife, though the initial idea was formed back in 2015. He started rock climbing in 1996, which quickly became an obsession, taking up jobs that were related to climbing in some way. Those jobs included being an instructor, building climbing walls, route-setting, and Entertainment Rigging. During his initial years of rock climbing, he has also climbed competitively both locally and internationally. In 1999, he competed in the X-games held in Thailand, and that was where he met his now-wife, who was representing Indonesia at the time. Over the years, they started coaching in schools, and now their team consists of their ex-students as well as close friends who are actively involved in the sport. Besides running Z-Vertigo, he still takes up freelance jobs to this day.

Image Credit: Z-Vertigo Boulder Gym

For More To Learn About Climbing

Having his own climbing gym has been a dream of Rozihan’s, as back in those days there was only one climbing gym in Singapore, and he wanted to bring awareness to the climbing industry. Even as he and his wife were coaching for schools, they have always wanted a place of their own. With their own climbing gym, they hope to provide a place and community for new and existing climbers to learn more about the sport at their own pace, and to share the knowledge with other as well. He believes that having a community is important, as it is vital to open participative development processes. Through this, he hopes to be able to stoke more passion for the sport.

Image Credit: Z-Vertigo Boulder Gym

To Greater Heights Together

As they are just about a year old, they are constantly trying to improve the gym to better suit their customers’ needs. These include the routes to what they can offer to customers with the gym itself. Their own team consists of climbers with different climbing styles, which helps with the route dynamics, and they are always gathering feedback from their customers to better understand what they want and expect. Furthermore, they also constantly tweak their hang board space to offer specific types of training that have been requested by other climbers. Their space is conducive with an engaging team on hand to share their knowledge and techniques–they believe that education in climbing is essential for a climber’s progression. Most climbing gyms are situated in the Central or East, and Z-Vertigo hopes to provide a space for those in the West for opportunity and convenience. Regardless, climbers of different levels of abilities are welcome!

Image Credit: Z-Vertigo Boulder Gym

Building A Climbing Community

It was a struggle to first build up the business structure, as well as to juggle external projects and family, but Rozihan manages it thanks to the experience of his team. Not to mention that the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly put a damper on the business, but with it came certain opportunities as well. With his gym, a community has flourished within, and he enjoys the bond with each climber, greeting them by name and getting to know them on a personal level. Ultimately, he hopes to be able to nurture and support the next generation of climbers, creating more awareness along the way. As education is an important factor, he hopes to also provide the opportunity to those who wish to introduce and educate other through coaching or route setting.

“Believe in your dreams and at the same time, work for it.” – Z-Vertigo Boulder Gym

To get started on your very own climbing journey, check out Z-Vertigo Boulder Gym!