Sarang Cookery Offers Delicious Nyonya and Traditional Malay Cuisine

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There have been ongoing debates on several cuisines and dishes where different nations proudly claim those dishes to be theirs. However, one thing Malaysians can undeniably take pride in is creating delectable Nyonya and Peranakan food! While most people think that states like Malacca are the places to go to enjoy the cuisine, now there is an option to enjoy it right here in Klang Valley. Sarang Cookery will take you on the journey with their famous Nyonya and Traditional Malay Cuisine.

About Sarang Cookery

Sarang Cookery is the place you come to experience the authenticity of traditional Peranakan and Malay cuisine, and also get to learn to cook the recipes you desire. There’s a vast multitude of items in their menu that is not found in other restaurants. In addition, their cooking is done responsibly, as they do not use stock powder, MSG or any artificial colouring.

Image credit: Sarang Cookery

Specialties You Don’t Want To Miss

Go for their Nasi Ulam! They are proud to say they are the only ones who use as many herbs in the recipe by which they craft the dish. In the Nasi Ulam, your palate will transcend onto a journey of taste that is driven by fifteen to twenty different herbs! For those who are unfamiliar, it’s a rice salad with a captivating fragrance that will enliven your taste buds and elevate your experience further with the other Peranakan items that they have to offer.

A personal favourite for many locals and foreigners is the Ayam Pongteh; the fermented soybean paste and palm sugar add up to the succulent thickness of the sauce that matches perfectly with the juiciness of the chicken and potatoes. Other favourites found at Sarang Cookery are Udang Chow, Ikan Tempoyak, Ayam Buah Keluak, Telur Belanda and Kerabu Bok Nee.

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The Love For Food Shows On Your Plate

The founder believes her passion for food is hereditary. It started with her mother, who was a very good cook. The journey across Peranakan cuisine started with many of her Peranakan friends. She adds that it’s a blessing to pass down family recipes and is now teaching the recipes. The journey continues with the team that shares the same passion, with intricate attention to detail as they are very particular on how they cook the food they serve. Furthermore, they seek to provide the customers not only a pleasant experience, but a homely one, in which they experience the naturally crafted mixture of cultures through herbs and spices found in Peranakan cuisine. The kind of service they provide is an expression of their passion and who they are as a team and as individuals.

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Not Just Dining But A Culinary Journey

Their main aim is in preserving the authentic recipes of the Peranakan Culture. Recipes are inherited and here they aim to continue passing down the recipes of succulent meals that have been inherited by generations through the years. In addition, they seek to deliver authenticity and that demands a high level of commitment and effort that they consistently invest in the meals they serve. As a team, they only serve the food that they know they cook well and personally enjoy eating. Lastly, they offer a very reasonable pricing. They want to make sure that everybody can afford to come and eat. At the end of the day, food is a beautiful experience that brings us all together and they seek for that to be affordable to everyone.

Image credit: Sarang Cookery

“Food is an expression of culture, and Peranakan is an expression of beautiful heritage found in spices and meals served with love that we show our customers. I believe Peranakan cuisine deserves far more recognition on a global scale. I’d love to see a series on Peranakan Cuisine on Netflix someday!”

– Sarang Cookery

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