Return To The Present With Future Of Wellness

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“Hello? Yes, I’ll attend to it immediately.” “Hey, can you get this done by such a date?” “There’s just not enough time to do everything!” “God, I need a getaway to de-stress.” All these sound familiar to you? Living in the city is a fast-paced, futuristic kind of lifestyle. We’re almost always running on deadlines, and rushing about calling the next person, arranging the next appointment, securing the next big deal… and it never lets up. But stop. You’re forgetting that you live now, and it’s crucial you find the balance of fast and slow in life, or risk sacrificing your health. It’s time to return to the present with Future of Wellness.

Thanks to Future of Wellness, I had a chance to take a day off, and I took it. Leaving myself to the care of Future of Wellness, this is what went down.

Pressing Away My Stress

With soft lights, wood and gentle therapeutic music, it’s hard to not feel relaxed at Jari-Jari Spa. I hardly ever go for massages because I’m ticklish and don’t really like physical contact, but I was comfortable with this massage. I’m a dancer and my legs needed the massage badly, especially in my thighs and calves. When the therapist used her thumbs to draw lines along my back, it literally felt like she was siphoning away the tension there, and it felt so damned good. (I fell asleep halfway through actually.) The sound healing was also something new, and it was interesting to hear and feel the tones and vibrations. The therapist even placed one of the bowls on the small of my back and knocked it there, which sent vibrations along my spine! I would definitely return, especially when my leg muscles start to become sore again!

Image Credit: Future of Wellness Asia

Bathing In Healing Sounds

I’ve heard of sound healing/therapy before, but never experienced it live. The teacher at OhanaJo Studio used simple terms and step-by-step methods to guide us through, which made it easy to follow. To create the sound bath, the teacher hit the gongs and sound bowls herself, which were placed in the studio along the walls. As the studio itself was dimly lit (by candles), it was extremely conducive to relax and bask in the sounds. It was interesting to notice the different sounds each instrument made, and to just visualise the sounds travelling through the space around us. I had a deeply relaxing session, but I think I would need a few more classes before I could say if it has any visible effects on me.

Image Credit: Future of Wellness Asia

Am I Healthy?

Last but not least, I had a health consultation over at 1TCM. My TCM doctor took my pulse, took a few looks at my tongue and asked a few health- and habit-related questions. She then came to a conclusion that I had too much “fire” in me, and I should have more water intake to balance it up. Overall, my lifestyle was alright, but I tend to get anxious and perfectionistic over work, which adds oil to the fire. She rounded it off by administering ear acupuncture on me, which required no needles at all. In fact, it was just little plasters with seeds taped in/around my ear, targeting specific problems. All I had to do was press on them according to her instructions, and that was ear acupuncture for me! The health consultation wasn’t so much of a health check, but rather a lifestyle review!

Image Credit: Future of Wellness Asia

Overall Review: I had the most relaxing day in weeks after going through the massage and sound bath. In fact, I didn’t really want to leave. I kind of wanted to camp there? The best thing was that I didn’t have to travel out of my way to de-stress, as Future of Wellness is conveniently located in Kota Damansara. I know everyone’s worried about parking, but you could just park at Sunway Nexis and walk over (which I did), or leave it to the valet. (Yes they have a valet!) And trust me, once you’re in there getting your feel-good treatment, you’ll even forget you’re actually in the city. From massages, yoga, beauty treatments and creativity workshops among others, Future of Wellness is one of those places you definitely have to experience for yourself!

It’s time to return to the present:

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MRT: Take the MRT to the Surian MRT station and walk over from Sunway Nexis.

“Downshift to regain balance, live mindfully and purposefully, move actively and naturally.” – Patrick Wee, founder of Future of Wellness.