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Many of us do not shun the idea of ageing gracefully as it is part and parcel of life. However, growing up comes with additional responsibilities and effects of ageing such as reduced mobility and fatigue shown on faces. Despite these circumstances, we need to enjoy the process of adulting as a whole. Regen Clinic can help you address these potential concerns to ensure you enjoy life to the fullest.

About Regen Clinic

They have two main divisions with the objective of regenerating. The two divisions are Youth for Beauty and Knee Joint to maintain quality of life. Ultimately, their vision is to provide graceful aging to one’s physical appearance as well as their mobility. Additionally, at the clinic, aesthetic procedures are customized. Every face is a work of art, like a sculpture. The doctors there imagine themselves as an artist with a needle instead of a brush.

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A Clinic Unlike Any Other

Starting in the year 2016, the clinic has the intention to provide safe and effective treatment for patients. This is due to many people suffering from botched procedures in beauty salons. Furthermore, they want to help as many people to prevent having to go through knee replacement surgery in their golden age. Their aesthetic market are usually clients looking to be more attractive and younger with natural style without surgery. While for the Knee department, most clients are lifestyle lovers who are looking to prevent aging of their knee joints or someone with severe knee pain looking for instant relief.

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The Team And Effort Behind The Clinic

Dr Tan Huey Shin has a gift in both Knee Injections & Face injections. However, she was unable to provide both type of services in other clinics or hospitals. Hence the idea of starting her own unique clinic came true with a lot of support from investors that believed in her. The team of investors come from various background, from Lawyers to Auditors. At Regen Clinic the staff works as a Team, they are like a little family here taking care of clients. They are always looking to expand their family, passionate individuals are welcomed to join us.

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Living a Healthier and More Youthful Life

One of my best achievement was a charming man in his 70s, who appears sunken & angry looking. However, after treatment he looks vibrant again which matches his personality. The team were delighted to make his appearance match his inner self. Additionally, many elderly that were able to go travelling after knee injections, it really makes the team happy when they obtain such feedback. Ultimately, the founder hopes that she will be able to help men and women of all ages to gain confidence while enjoying a better quality of life.

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“My dream will eventually be dedicating one day a month for knee treatments via charitable organizations. but that will be a big plan that needs many support from financial, management to candidate selection.”

– Regen Clinic

Providing integrative healthcare as a lifestyle: