Put On The Glow with Afiq Rsln Jewelry

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People often talk about individualism and having your own unique personality or mindset to stand out from the crowd. The same should apply to fashion and accessories to avoid awkward situations such as wearing the same outfit to a party. While material like silver is timeless, we should have accessibility to a wider range of materials where each has their own characteristics and trait. This is where Afiq Rsln comes into the picture.

Introducing Afiq Rsln

All Afiq Rsln rings are handmade from scratch. Each ring is materialised by design or sketches stemming from ideas and inspiration. Some are even from pure imagination. Afiq Ruslan provides custom made rings using various and rare materials with high-end quality. Many of the rings glow in the dark which stands out from what the market has to offer. Afiq wants to provide a solution to the general population to be able to match their fashion ootd with a artful jewelry as he believes, jewelry has the power to make any individual feel unique.

The Beginning of Afiq Rsln

Afiq Ruslan is the founder of AFIQ RSLN who uses his own name as the brand. He is responsible for each and every ring from the designing process right till the finishing of the ring. The idea came when he wanted to create something out of broken skateboards instead of throwing them away. He started by making random items such as smoking pipes, boxes, and sunglasses. He could not make sunglasses with a quality that met his expectations due to lack of equipment and hand tools. Hence, he moved onto the next project and decided to make rings jewelry as he used to love creating items, especially woodwork when he was young as that was where his passion lies. He started the project in 2015 as a hobby. Later on, he decided to take this project to the next level and registered it as a business on September 2016.

Image credit: Afiq Rsln

FiRing Up The Love For Handmade Accessories

Afiq Rsln’s main market is based on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Etsy. Most of his audience come from Malaysia and U.S. ranging from age of 25 to 34. He firmly believes in “Timeless Art Creation” as he makes wearable unique art pieces that are made from various craft-able materials other than the standard silver, gold and diamond. His rings glow in the dark and is handmade with passion. Furthermore, Afid Rsln also provides lifetime warranty on their rings (free of charge on refinishing the rings, subject to terms on conditions).

Image credit: Afiq Rsln

One Ring to Rule Them All

Afiq firmly believes that rings are more than accessories and they are wearable work of art which makes us feel unique. In addition to handmade rings, he also runs other side projects on handmade items such as accessories, sculpting, smoking pipes and experimenting on various materials. His market is expanding on social media and he aims to be a well known brand for custom handmade jewelry. He plans to run a jewelry studio and collection shop for his brand in the near future.

Image credit: Afiq Rsln

“I am a self-taught artist and a hardworking person. I see myself as a student
who always learn and experiment to achieve mastery on things i do.”


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