Pizza Mansion Is Where To Go For Good Pizzas Both Classical And Fun!

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The easiest way to eat pizza is probably to get them delivered to your house. After all, with pizza brands such as Pizza Hut and Domino’s, they cover a lot of ground whenever we’re feeling peckish for pizza. However, if you’re looking for something a cut above where pizza, freshly-made with lots of thought and effort, is the centrepiece, look no further than Pizza Mansion, where they’re pizza lovers who respect the classics, yet also putting their own fun, modern twists to their pizzas!

About Pizza Mansion

Pizza Mansion is a pizza outlet that brings you good pizzas, blending both the NYC and Italian-style techniques using a wood-fired oven. They love their classics in terms of flavours and technique, but they also try to inject a little bit of fun to their products. Alex, general manager and co-owner of Pizza Mansion, has been in the F&B industry for more than 15 years now, but the Pizza Mansion brand and concept was developed starting end 2018. After plenty of research and testing of ingredients, products, and techniques, their shop in Happy Mansion finally launched in May 2019. They had their pizzailos work together with local chefs to build their menu, and also managed to learn from Master Chef Crispo, from Italy!

Image Credit: Pizza Mansion

Love Pizza? Them Too!

Alex is a massive pizza fan himself, and he’s always wanted to see how to make pizzas the centrepiece rather than just a supporting act in a menu. Personally, he’s always enjoyed the idea of visiting a dedicated pizza place, rather than a full-blown Italian restaurant. By trying many different pizzas around Asia and New York, he discovered that pizzas are greatly varied, and he wanted to bring a slice of that home with good balance between price, quality and taste. Since their launch, Pizza Mansion’s dream has always been to make people happy with their pizza, having them taste their passion and hard work in creating the best pizzas. They have never aimed to be the biggest pizza chain in Malaysia, instead focusing on producing pizzas with heart and skill in small neighbourhoods, giving way to their tagline: “Small pizzeria, big dreams”.

Image Credit: Pizza Mansion

What’s On The Menu?

Patrons can look forward to classics like Margherita or Pepperoni, or also check out some interesting flavours. There’s the Smoked Duck Pineapple Express, or Silence of the Lambs (spicy style tomato sauce with a hint of Middle Eastern-inspired lamb meatballs). A popular order is their Truffle Mac and Cheese, with a mix of mushrooms and bits of actual truffles to create a very aromatic and intense flavour profile. In other words, if you love pizza, you’ll love Pizza Mansion! Their pizza dough is made with original Italian flour, which is naturally raised for two days. Wood is also carefully selected to provide a nice, smoked finish. Though plenty of ingredients are sourced locally, they also bring in products from Italy to replicate the classic flavours as closely as possible.

Image Credit: Pizza Mansion

Stoking The Flames

The fire and flame is alive, which means that the pizzas are dependent on the fire, and the temperature in the oven. As such, it could be a challenge to fulfil quantity while painting consistent quality with a wood fired oven, and also to explain why their pizzas look different or charred, and why the dough is different. It took some time to build trust and customer relations, but now within just two short years, they already have two outlets! Customers love their pizza, and even voted them to be #1 on our list of Top 10 Places for Pizza in KL & Selangor. In fact, they are so well-loved that a couple even celebrated their ROM at Pizza Mansion KL, simply because they are the groom’s favourite pizza place. Things like this keep Pizza Mansion going, and they hope to bring Pizza Mansion to neighbourhoods all over KL and more! Small pizzeria, big dreams!

Image Credit: Pizza Mansion

“Grow organically. Listen to the customers and keep the people you work with happy.” – Pizza Mansion

Pizza Mansion operates under Olé Group with several brands under them: Feeka Coffee Roasters and Lucky Tora (temporarily closed at time of writing). Head on over to Pizza Mansion’s Facebook page to check out their pizzas!