Pedestalworks Fulfills Wedding Styling And Decor Dreams

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Many people have the misconception that having beautiful and Instagram-worthy decor will burn deep holes in your pocket. However, that could not be further from the truth. With the availability of online shopping and tutorials on how to style your own wedding, many couples have been able to save by shopping for cheaper decor from the web or DIY-ing their own wedding decor. Having said that, wedding are often stressful events that are better to leave to the experts who will ensure you’ll have your picturesque wedding which will not hurt your budget. Pedestalworks will help you achieve your wedding styling dreams without breaking the bank.

About Pedestalworks

Pedestalworks offers wedding decorations services from large sized props, solemnization, photo album, reception area styling, fairy lights backdrop to full venue conceptualization at affordable rates (see next section for details)! They believe that the people behind Pedestalworks is what makes them unique; they think that there is no “bad” decor, but the extent of how they balance the customers’ ideas with theirs own for that once-in-a-lifetime moment!

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Products and Services Offered

Some of the wedding styling and decor offered includes:

Wedding Props: The most exclusive at one’s wedding! Display them at almost any corner of the venue and it becomes the perfect guest interaction for photos!

Theme Table Styling: Transform your typical reception area into the most gorgeous tablescapes with their specially curated themes and have guests indulge in your beautiful love story.

Solemnisation: This customary ceremony is where your vows are spoken and signatures pledged to the future of being man and wife. With that significance, they decorate the moment for a picture-perfect memory!

Fairylights Backdrop: Recreate the regular ballroom with a fairy-lighted fabric backdrop. As the main lighting dims during your march-in, the fairy lights would illustrate that princess moment for the walk of your life!

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Setting Up The Pedestal

Interestingly enough, it was never the founder’s intention to start a wedding decor business. However, she was really into design and crafts and would spend most of her free time over at a carpentry workshop, meddling with any materials she could find! Then, when her sister was getting married, the idea of fabricating a life sized “囍” came about! They started with large sized wedding props in late 2014. Then, in 2017 they decided to introduce Pedestalworks Decoratives as a creative wedding styling company. Furthermore, they label themselves and the team as minions because they trade ties and heels for denim overalls! Additionally, on the busy wedding setup day, bananas are their favourite energy bars!

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Making Every Memory Count

Their line of work revolves around the happiest of occasions surrounded by love and joy. Hence, the greatest achievement for their humble company is to witness that happiness in the air where they play a part in! Their main achievement thus far are the expressions along with the smiles on the couple’s faces. These signs allude their contentment of them achieving expectations! In addition, they hope to challenge the social stigma that wedding decorations are usually costly and overpriced. Lastly, they are on the lookout for an opportunity to be styling at a destination wedding.

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“Life is short, do what makes you happy, don’t stop till you’re proud!”

– PedestalWorks

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