Paintertainment Asia Is Bringing Recreational Art To Everyone

Image credit: Paintertainment Asia

Art and craft as we know is therapeutic and calming to one’s soul. Nevertheless, it still remains a wonder as to why it is not as popular among the community. Many have the impression that you need to head to an art school for a dose of therapy. However, that cannot be further from the truth. Paintertainment Asia brings art out of galleries and cafes to your desired venue.

About Paintertainment Asia

They are a mobile art jamming company with the aim to bring art to clients without constraints of location. Additionally, they use recreational art as a tool to empower individuals. They use art for a range of activities, from private parties to team building; stress management, mental wellness and strategic planning workshops. Their painting sessions are unguided, allowing you to paint freely at will and bring out the hidden artist from within. Furthermore, they also conduct facilitated workshops and have been successful in using art jamming as a tool for therapy, building relationships and teamwork, and to achieve various pre-determined learning outcomes with their clients.

Image credit: Paintertainment Asia

Art Jamming Unlike Any Other

Firstly, they are mobile and are flexible in the venue where they conduct the art jamming.  The uniqueness they have over other art jam studios in Singapore is they do not teach clients how to paint, but use art jam as a tool for more deliberated objectives, and is facilitated by qualified professional facilitators. They do not teach art or someone how to paint, but use art as a tool to help clients achieve their objectives e.g. in areas of stress management, teamwork, strategic planning etc.

Image credit: Paintertainment Asia

Empowering Individuals Through Art

They aim to empower lives and help individuals build confidence through recreational art jamming. Many of the participants do not havethe experience of painting and little did they imagine that they can paint. However, through their facilitation (note that they facilitate and do not teach), it allows clients to explore something totally new they never thought they can do in a fun and empowering way. The result is both rewarding and satisfying for both the participants and them! Ultimately, they want to aim to revive their mobile art jam van business and also to introduce more variation in our services to our clients and aim to work on recurring collaborations with them.

Image credit: Paintertainment Asia

“Every piece of art created is beautiful in its own unique ways and tells a story.”

– Paintertainment asia

Get onto some mobile art jamming today: