Offpeak – The New Way of Dining Out On The Go

Offpeak - The New Way of Dining Out On The Go
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Malaysians are infamous for their love and indecisiveness for food. Asking where and what to eat has become a regular and familiar routine for meet ups, dates or simply yum cha. With the increasing costs of living, many Malaysians are tightening the belt and are opting for less expensive hawker stall options to curb against soaring prices. Malaysians, rejoice! is here to grant you dining privileges, which will facilitate your dining decision making.

What is Offpeak?

Potentially the first in Malaysia, and now the largest in South East Asia, Offpeak is a restaurant discovery and dining privileges platform which provides a win-win solution for both restaurant owners and diners.

Offpeak is a marketplace for restaurants to be discovered online, and allowing restaurants to receive online reservations. This will in turn benefit the eateries by regulating customer traffic, attract new customers through dining privileges and increases customer loyalty.

Furthermore, Offpeak is a one-stop ‘food app’ for customers to enable:

  1. Discovery of new restaurants with customizable filters and most of all; dining privileges that are available and that are nearest to them at the moment they are viewing the Offpeak app; and
  2. Ease of making reservations up to 10 minutes before dining time slot; and
  3. Enjoy dining privileges; and
  4. Obtain directional instructions to the restaurant

With more than 1,600 restaurant outlets in 15 cities, across 4 countries, customers can book to enjoy discounts at a wide variety of restaurants, everyday for every meal, while restaurateurs get to fill up their empty tables with hungry customers.

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How does Offpeak work?

Currently, Offpeak is available to restaurateurs and diners at no cost. For customers, Offpeak dining privileges can be booked through the Offpeak App or mobile friendly website. Once customers make their online booking, the confirmation is automatically sent to their email/app. Upon arrival at the restaurant, customers would show this booking confirmation to the restaurant staff. The Offpeak platform even allows bookings up to 10 minutes before the nearest time-slot (reservation time-slots are every 30 minutes).

Additionally, the Offpeak App locates dining privileges from restaurants that are currently available and nearest to you, and even assists with directions to the restaurants. By simply clicking on the restaurant’s address, a map will display the restaurant’s locale with a further option to launch your favourite navigation App on your mobile device.

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The Conception of Offpeak

Lau Ngee Keong, co-founder and director of Offpeak stated, “The position for was mooted from the hotel and airline industry where they often give discounts during off-peak season, so why not for the restaurants too, especially since Malaysians have a healthy social food culture.”

“We have always been involved in the online space, and we are always on the lookout for great ideas through assessing gaps in the market or unfulfilled customer needs. We believe that the recipe to any great business is to provide a solution to an unfulfilled need. As for our customers, well, as customers ourselves too, we would always welcome a good offer.” Tan Ban Eu, co-founder and director of Offpeak tells TallyPress.

Tan Ee Ern, director of Offpeak added, “What we hope to provide is to fill the gap in the food & beverage industry – an Online-to-Offline (O2O) marketplace, where consumers get to discover new restaurants and dining places, while for restaurateurs, a yield management tool to fill up empty tables.”

“Offpeak is targeted at any any online savvy and hungry customer. They have cafes, eateries and restaurants that caters to all walks of life, or should I say, all taste buds – given the vast variety of restaurant partners that we have on Offpeak.”, Christian Nguyen, Co-Founder of Offpeak tells TallyPress.

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Offpeak Today

Off Peak Hub Sdn Bhd was launched in Malaysia on 18 August 2014. To date, they are seating one customer every 1.4 minutes and in less than 1.5 years , they have more than 1,600 restaurant outlets in 15 cities, across 4 countries. Several major achievements accomplished by the Offpeak team include:

  • February 2015: Launched Offpeak iOS and Android mobile app
  • June 2015: Received USD800k Series A funding from Gobi Partners
  • July 2015: Launched Offpeak in Thailand –
  • December 2015:  Launched Offpeak in Singapore –, Offpeak iOS and Android mobile app for Thailand and Singapore, Awarded RM500k CIP500 Cradle Grant

The Offpeak App is available free on the Apple App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices. Now everyone can eat more, for less!

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Challenges are happy problems.

— Tan Ban Eu, Co-founder and Director of Offpeak

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