NBS Hardware & Houseware Is Your One-Stop Centre For Household Improvement

Owning a home is no easy task. Besides actually owning a home, you would need plenty of other things to… well, live. These items could range from sanitary ware, furniture, electrical appliances, and more, not to mention that the house will require maintenance and upkeep every once in a while. So where do you go to get these items to make your home a better place? Check out NBS Hardware & Houseware, where they have everything you need to make living more comfortable!

About NBS Hardware & Houseware

NBS Hardware & Houseware was founded back in 1997, in Singapore Gek Poh Shopping Centre. Helming the business was Mr Ng Eng Hock and his wife Madam Lim Poh Cheng, who supplied hardware items from Mr Ng’s father’s business Bok Seng Hardware in the early 80s. Thereafter, they switched up the business trade to retail instead, and now sell hardware, electrical, and furniture items.


Carving Out Their Own Brand

Mr Ng and his wife Madam Lim have been in the industry for more than 30 years now, making them industry veterans. They have been operating in Gek Poh Shopping Centre for more than two decades, and have also made the switch to include e-commerce on their own website, as well as on third-party platforms to keep up with the times. They also have a team of sales executives, most of whom have been working for the company for more than a decade, helping keep their business alive. With this wealth of experience, they are currently aiming to create their own brand of products, appealing to the younger generation whilst also catering to the older generation.


Providing Home Essentials

NBS Hardware & Houseware provides solutions and products for your home. In short, whatever essential appliances you require at home, you’ll be able to find them at NBS. Not only that, but NBS also believes in providing good customer service to build up good rapport with each and every customer. Most of their current audience are walk-in customers from neighbouring HDB flats. As hardware is considered more of a “traditional” business, they have faced some challenges due to the rise of online shopping, as well as cheap imports and products overseas, which makes competitive pricing slightly difficult.


Not Just Products, But Installation As Well

As anyone could probably guess, NBS Hardware & Houseware have also been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, as they were forced to cease operations for almost up to two months. Hopefully, once the borders open again, they would be able to pick up on their project of creating products of their own brand, buoyed by the success of a few websites listing them as the top few hardware shops in Singapore, or the west. Last but not least, they also provide handyman services for sanitary ware, water heater, and ceiling fan installations. NBS Hardware & Houseware is truly a one-stop centre for all your home requirements!


To view their products, visit nbsgroup.com.sg!