Nails on Wheels Are Here to Pamper You NOW

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There is always a reason to have nice nails. Whether it is a special occasion, an event to attend or even a new job. However, even after securing a booking session with your favourite manicurist, there is the driving and parking hassle. Now (pun intended) there is a mobile service that comes to your doorstep to give you the convenience and beauty! Say goodbye to traffic or dress in the comfort of your pyjamas while the Nails on Wheels team works their magic.

About Nails on Wheels

Started in 2013, they are the first multiple award winning mobile nail company in Malaysia. The team will come to you for all your manicure, pedicure, waxing and massaging needs. They provide manicures, pedicures, waxing and massages in the comfort of your own space. Regardless where it may be: house, hotel, office, hospital, parks, etc. Over the last year, they have also produced their own creamy foot scrub and hand & body lotion which has bagged 3 awards from various magazine beauty awards.

Image credit: Nails on Wheels

The Idea of NOW

The founder has a two hour wait for her turn to remove her nail extensions. That’s when the idea of having someone coming over to the house popped up. What makes Nails on Wheels unique is that they come to you for all your manicure, pedicure, waxing and massaging needs, wherever that may be. They provide convenience, comfort and mobility to all of their clients.

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Caring For Your Nails

Their main aim is to provide convenience and mobility to everyone from all walks of life. This way, they get to pamper their clients with manicure, pedicure, waxing and massages in the comfort of their own space. They understand that there are many situations that doesn’t allow one to leave home. In addition, they also understand that their services are more than just to beautify someone. It’s a lifestyle choice and a healthy lifestyle at that. Furthermore, hygiene is a a priority and leaving your hands to someone you can trust is key.

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More Than Just Nails on Wheels

Nails on Wheels have been in service for almost 4 years and they have won over 18 awards as a company. Furthermore, their founder has also been awarded Gen-Y Entrepreneur of The Year by Peniagawati Malaysia. They are looking at opening more branches around Malaysia and Singapore and also having their products sold worldwide. In addition, they believe in giving back to the community. Every year, they will hold several corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. This is where they would work with old folks homes, parents with children with cancer or special needs and pamper them for free. It’s nice to see so many happy faces that brings joy to their hearts. 

Image credit: Nails on Wheels

“I believe that one must be bold to make a move. There are no failures, just lessons learned. Have faith in everything you do, trust yourself and most importantly trust God. look forward and take that step.”

– Sharina Manmohan, founder of NOW

Have great nails without stepping out of the house!