How Marsya Henna Artwork Brings Colours To Life

Henna is a dye prepared from the henna tree, often used for temporary body art. Having henna on is regarded as having blessings, and was applied for luck as well as joy and beauty. Just like the big-hearted Marsya Irdina from Penang, whose only wish with the help of her henna, is to give people blessings, luck and joy, and of course, beauty.

The Rise of Artwork

Marsya Irdina, an art enthusiast, has already started working on henna since 2013 when she was just 18. Her love to draw dated back to when she was still studying. The idea of working with henna came about when she started drawing on her own hand and also her relatives’ and friends’ hand.

Marsya Henna Artwork

More than just Henna Designs for Hands

Blessed with the passion to draw, Marsya has honed her drawing skills to the point that they were complimented to be neat, beautiful and unique. Marsya is also well-sought after for her speciality with using different henna colours and sometimes even diamond beadings alongside henna. She mainly caters customers from north and west of Penang. Most of her customers are Indians and Malays, since adorning henna is a custom for the Indians and Malays especially during weddings and festivals. Driven by her passion for love to draw, Marsya extended her speciality to making acrylic painted phone cases as well.

Marsya Henna Artwork

The Stepping Stones to Success

Ever since Marsya started working on henna in 2013, she has endured plenty of obstacles. Among the setbacks are anticipating her customers’ needs and providing them. Described in her own words, she revealed that “the worst thing that happened so far was when the whole village experienced a blackout during the henna night”. Working by herself doesn’t make it any easier, if not harder, from looking for customers and keeping them to providing tip-top services i.e. travelling to customers all around Penang.

Still, Marsya has and is overcoming all those challenges at full throttle fuelled by her passion. After all, she believes that “where there is a will, there is a way”. What makes all these all the more impressive is that Marsya is also a full-time employee besides providing henna services.

Marsya Henna Artwork

All is well with Marsya Henna Artwork

Marsya humbly claimed she is still proud that she managed to complete 50 pax during a Deepavali event in 3 hours. Some would question where is the pride in completing them. As for Marsya, the quality of services she provided has allowed her to feel proud. Not to mention the feeling of accomplishment when one is able to make others feel good about themselves, by allowing her customers to beautifully enjoy their time adorning Marsya’s handiwork.

Marsya Henna Artwork

Future Plans

But Marsya will not stop there. Her future plans for 5 years is to own a henna studio and becoming a successful henna artist in Malaysia. She hopes to be the henna artist that comes to your mind when you need beautiful henna.

Lastly, it would be lovely to give Marsya a virtual pat on her back by visiting her talent on Facebook page ‘Marsya Henna Artwork’. You can also check out more Marsya Henna Inspirations on Instagram “@marsyahennaartwork_’.