Mama Dessert Brings You the Taste of Home and Comfort

Image Credit: Mama Dessert

There’s no better taste than the taste of home-cooked food, best prepared by mama. Served right alongside home-cooked food to sweeten the deal is some Chinese dessert, or tongsui. Then again, not all of us are lucky enough to enjoy home-cooked food and/or dessert on a regular basis. If you’re in the Klang Valley area and miss traditional home-cooked food fiercely, you’re in luck. Mama Dessert is helmed by a mother, and she will warm your heart and soul with her hearty dishes!

Mama Dessert’s Beginnings

In 1999, Mama Dessert was just a food stall in the Batu Caves area, which was run by Madam Tay and her husband. Fast forward to 2016, when AK moved to the area, and discovered this gem of a stall. AK was besotted with Madam Tay’s food, and quickly became a regular customer. Alas, in 2018, Madam Tay’s husband passed away due to cancer. Feeling like she had no choice, Madam Tay decided to sell the stall, and to stop operations. However, AK felt like this would be a waste of Madam Tay’s talents, especially since traditional Chinese cuisine is almost obsolete in modern PJ. Therefore, in January 2019, he proposed to Madam Tay to partner up in business, as an Angel Investor. Another member, Stanley, was brought in as the co-funder and to help out with operations. Mama Dessert was then born 3 months later in April 2019.

Signature Food

Madam Tay is something of a magician when it comes to food, as she has handcrafted her very own signature dish: sweet-and-sour pork biscuit. Each biscuit is hand-made with pork and egg, which offers a refreshing biting experience. The tenderness of the meat coupled with the suppleness of the egg is complemented perfectly by a drizzle of sweet-and-sour gravy. If you’re Hakka, you’re in luck! Madam Tay has a signature Hakka dish in the form of braised pork with yam too! Yum!

Image Credit: Mama Dessert

Signature Dessert

At Mama Dessert, you’ll be able to choose from six different varieties of tongsui everyday, all of which are freshly prepared on a daily basis by Madam Tay herself. Her Bubur Cha Cha is her signature dessert, and the ingredients are made of a special flour, resulting in a unique chewy texture. The soft purple colour of the dessert itself is instantly enticing as well! For the ladies, you might want to try out Peach Gum, known for its beauty and nourishing properties. Consisting of red dates and white fungus primarily, it is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth while giving you an added boost of nourishment! And who can forget the Bowl Rice Pudding, a childhood favourite?

Image Credit: Mama Dessert

19, Jalan SS21/56B,
Damansara Utama, 47400 PJ.
(Damansara Uptown)

Mama Dessert offers comfort food at its best, and will help ease your homesickness, if you’re away from home. After all, a community is your family away from home. Join Mama Dessert during festivals, if you can’t make it home. They will have dumplings for the Dumpling Festival, and Tang Yuan for the Winter Solstice!