This Malaysian App Named Doc2Us Allows You to ‘Whatsapp’ Doctors Anytime, Anywhere

Introducing Doc2Us, granting access to your personal pocket doctor from your fingertips. With its name synonymous with “talk to us”, Doc2Us is a mobile application that allows you to talk to a doctor or any other healthcare professional via text chat at any time, and from anywhere.

Why Doc2Us?

We often find ourselves desperate for a professional medical practitioner’s advice at a time when it seems most inconvenient. Troublesome symptoms that make us question their severity and we know better than to rely solely on the internet. The questions that always seem to be lingering on our minds are: How severe is the situation and which doctor should I seek opinion from?

However, the idea of braving the weather and traffic, proceeding to find a car park, before joining others in the long queue then finally paying expensive consultation fees just to ask a simple question “What is wrong with me?” is barely worth the effort. Here’s where Doc2Us comes into play – connecting you to a healthcare professional and get advice instantly via a simple platform.

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The Light-bulb Moment

Doc2Us, a Malaysian-based mobile application, is co-founded by a medical doctor, Dr. Raymond Choy, a startup entrepreneur, Jack Lee and a reputable app development company, Agmo Studio Sdn Bhd. Together, they operate Doc2Us under a joint venture named Heydoc International Sdn. Bhd.

The idea of Doc2Us came about when Raymond found himself in a position where his friends and family members would often message him to ask about symptoms and health or medical related questions. He was also able to relate to the urge of seeking second opinion from medical specialists when his late father was fighting hard against blood cancer (Acute Leukemia). During that difficult time, he wished that he was able to obtain reliable advice from professional specialists when his father’s condition changed from time to time.

Both scenarios led him to question how other people dealt with such situations when they needed to consult the right doctor. In his case, there was no better option than to turn up at multiple clinics and hospitals to consult the doctors in order to get the better care for his late father. This was when it struck upon Raymond the importance of being well connected to doctors and healthcare providers and having access to speak to them at any time via smartphones.

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The Idea of Doc2Us

With Doc2Us, now you can text your preferred doctor and get instant response regardless of the time, at the comfort of work or even on your sofa. Negating the hassle of meeting a doctor saves everyone more than time. More importantly, it also means that ‘seeing’ a doctor is now more affordable and accessible.

On Doc2Us, there are a variety of healthcare professionals ranging from general practitioners, specialists, nutritionists/dieticians and pharmacists that you may choose from.  Doc2Us understands that not everyone speaks the same language, hence on the platform, you can select your preferred healthcare professionals of different background and language abilities. Too lazy to type? No worries – You can also send a picture or voice message to your preferred healthcare practitioner.

Doc2Us is also collaborating with Alpro Pharmacy Group to bring you the experience of a safer and more convenient way of prescribing and dispensing. Electronic prescription via the platform itself is one of the unique selling points especially for those requiring recurring supply of long-term medications.  This service is only available for selected group of patients who are in stable, chronic medical conditions.

The Vision of Doc2Us

The current doctor to Malaysian ratio stands at about 1:600 and with the looming of Silver Tsunami, it is no surprise that the demand for healthcare will significantly increase. This will result in longer waiting times and possibly reduced consultation time in the near future. Doc2Us envisions to improve this congestion by connecting users to a doctor and providing them with a personalized chat based healthcare consultation service, hence reducing the need to visit a doctor unnecessarily.

“There is a paradigm of change in today’s patient behaviour – From seeking medical information, understanding their own condition, modifying lifestyles, tracking their own health to accessing affordable convenient care. It is inevitable that our generation is gradually adopting digital healthcare services for a better and personalised quality of care. We are not here to replace real world consultation or diagnosis, but to serve as a tool to complement  the healthcare system. Physical medical resources should be prioritised based on needs.” Raymond says.

Doc2Us is now available on both App Store and Google Play Store.

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