Make Your Dream Home Truly Yours With Grov Design Studio

Image Credit: Grov Design Studio

Everyone has conjured up an image of what their dream home would look like. Perhaps it would be wide and spacious, with furniture and decor of a similar colour palette. Perhaps it would be quirky, with furniture mixed and matched. Or perhaps, it would be a modern pad with hardly any knick-knacks but full of the latest tech. Whichever it is, an interior designer would be best to help make your dream home truly yours, and that’s where Grov Design Studio comes in.

About Grov Design Studio

Grov Design Studio was launched in 2016 by Cherry, the director, and her business partner. Cherry herself is passionate about art, having enjoyed making art since a tender age, and she still currently paints on Sundays. Naturally, when it came to furthering her studies, she gravitated towards the design field of work. The idea for Grov Design Studio was sparked from her aunt’s request to help her design her house. With this, Cherry discovered that she has a passion to transform dream homes into reality, and she quit her job at an architectural firm to embark on a journey in interior design. She loves designing, and today she and her team designs for many homeowners in Malaysia.

Image Credit: Grov Design Studio

Showcasing Your Personality

Grov Design Studio believes that a home is an extension of our personalities and character; a place where we can be unafraid to truly be ourselves. As such, their designs are fluid, which makes for easy translating from dreams into reality. They understand that a home is someone’s brand, signature, and identity, and they help build these ideas into brick and mortar, while of course, enhancing the beauty of home to ensure that it is aesthetically pleasing. The team at Grov Design Studio consists of young, passionate designers who are creative, hardworking, and always up for a challenge. Currently, they are also working on their first showroom project at Lunas, and they have also been recognised by Volvo, winning their design challenge and visiting their design centre in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Helping With Visualisations

At Grov Design Studio, they employ hyper-realistic 3D visualisation that allows clients to view a potential outcome even before starting on the renovation work itself. As such, clients have a better view and understanding of how their ideas will come into fruition, bridging that gap between dream and reality. Oftentimes, clients even mistake 3D renderings for photos of their completed projects–that’s how realistic their 3D visualisation can be! Most of their clients have a taste for minimalist and function aesthetics, within the age range of 25-55 years of age. Grov Design Studio has done projects in Penang, Taiping, Kulim, Puchong and Ipoh. Internationally, they serve not only Malaysians living locally, but also those who live abroad, as well as those from Hong Kong residing in Malaysia.

Timeless Designs, Excellent Workmanship

Most clients are excited for their new home, but sometimes they forget that good workmanship and designs need time, though Grov Design Studio does their best with the timelines. Though, they would like to share a small piece of advice: if you have a designer who is cheap and fast, the outcome will not be good! Besides the Volvo Design Challenge, they’re also proud of the fact that they have grown their team from two to nine within five years, and are grateful for clients who put their trust in them, and receiving appreciative feedback and compliments. Within the next five years, they plan to expand their team with more like-minded people, to have their own showroom, as well as a carpentry workshop. With timeless designs and cost maximisation, they believe that this will deliver more value to their clients.

“Beauty in design is straightforward, simple aesthetic with functional form.” – Grov Design Studio

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