M Pavillion Nailing It Nationwide With Their Nail Services

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Each person’s personal grooming habits are different, and while most pay attention to their face (definitely) and maybe their hair as well, many take things further by also getting their nails done. Nail services actually extend beyond mani-pedi, and there are many ways to achieve beautiful, healthy nails, whether you’re going for an everyday nail look, or a special occasion. Well, whichever it is, you can always count on M Pavillion to get your nails in excellent condition for you!

About M Pavillion

M Pavillion is an award-winning nail salon chain, managed by a team richly experienced in the nail industry since 2005. Currently, M Pavilion has 12 outlets nationwide, in the Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Nilai, Malacca and Johor areas. Founded in July 2018, M Pavillion consists of a small team with a big dream: to be the largest nail chain salon in Malaysia, and to conquer the nail industry.

Image Credit: M Pavilion

All Things Nails

Sure, the first thing that comes to mind when “nail salon” is mentioned is probably “mani-pedi”, but M Pavillion does more than that. They also specialise in ingrown toenails, thickened toenails, fungal nail infection, dry skin and dry cracked heels. Basically, if you have any problems that are related to your nails/hands or feet presentation, you can count on M Pavillion to solve those problems, and restore conditions to their best! Furthermore, they are also the first in Malaysia to come up with disposable Box #PakaiBuang nail service kits, and they prioritise cleanliness, sanitation and quality at their outlets.

Image Credit: M Pavilion

Nails For Days, Nails For All

To put it simply, as long as you have nails, you can drop by M Pavillion to experience their services. Children as young as six are part of their clientele, and their salon is Muslim-friendly as well, as they provide Halal nail colours. Nail polish shades available at M Pavillion total up to more than 200! Besides providing nail and nail-related services, M Pavillion also has a mission to revolutionise the nail industry, and to bring up more nail-preneurs in the beauty industry, truly bringing glory to nails.

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On Their Way

As aforementioned, M Pavillion currently operates 12 outlets, but their aim is to expand to at least 50 outlets, cementing the status of being the largest nail salon chain in Malaysia. They are certified the “First In Malaysia Mobile Nail Salon” by the Malaysia Book Of Records and received the “Best Service & Company Award” by Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation, as well as being the Winner of SME100 Awards 2019. With their disposable nail services and kits as a start, M Pavillion is aiming to revolutionise and break free from the traditional business module of the nail industry, adapting to current needs today. In line with their aim to provide only the most hygienic, quality service to all clients, they also have their Nail Skill Development Centres located in KL, Penang and Malacca, which provides continuous training and development to upgrade their team as a whole.

Image Credit: M Pavilion

“Your worst enemy is yourself, breakthrough yourself on a daily basis.” – M Pavillion

To learn more about M Pavillion or book an appointment, visit mpavillion.my now!