Liven Up A Party with The Party Stuff

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It ain’t a party without awesome host/guests, great music, or mouth-watering food (maybe even a couple of drinks). It is also important that an event has the right decor and atmosphere suited to the party theme! Let’s face it – unless you have hired a planner, setting up your own party is tough work. If you feel like you don’t know where to start, why don’t you check out The Party Stuff?

What about the Party Stuff?

They provide party supplies such as tableware, balloons and party decorations in three centrally located outlets in Clarke Quay Central, Velocity @ Novena Square and Tan Boon Liat Building @ Outram Road. They also provide customers with the ease of shopping via their online website at

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Trendy Party Designs for All

They are continually researching on new party designs ideas and designing party supplies to remain current. They currently produce their own party items such as metallic curtains, push pop confetti, paper tassels, circle banners, crepe streamers, candles etc. They also think of new balloon ideas and recently launched the Customized Balloon series where customers may put their own name or  message on a balloon to spruce a plain balloon up!

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Making Parties Happen

The Party Stuff was founded in August 2010 by Ms Hwang Siew Ling. She first started the business as a single person. She chose to provide party items because she has always loved cartoon characters. It is her personal quirk and up till today, she carries a Snoopy bag to work, uses a Sesame Street pencil case and tells the time with her Mickey Mouse watch. The Party Stuff started based on kids’ themes, though they have now evolved to a much wider range focusing on more sophisticated and grown up events.

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Celebrations as A Way of Life

Celebrations are a big part of everyone’s lives and they hope to be able to make it easy for everyone to celebrate joyous occasions. From balloons to banners, candles to tableware, they hope to bring convenience and ease to customers as they plan for their parties. The ease of shopping is also extended to their brick and mortar stores, which are centrally located and carry the same extensive range.

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“Our motto in life should be
the same as our corporate motto, which is “Celebrate Today!”. It may be two simple words but it holds in itself a very meaningful way in which we should live our lives. To be thankful and to always be in a celebratory spirit.”

– The Party Stuff

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