Lifebuuk – Springing Photos From Your Phone Into Life

Lifebuuk - Springing Photos From Your Phone Into Life
Image credit: LifeBuuk

Technology has provided us with the convenience and ease of capturing precious moments with a swipe of a finger, or the click of a button. We are privileged to be able to go shutter button crazy to achieve the perfect angle and lighting, and donning them with your favourite filter. The majority of us store hundreds or thousands of photos in our handy mobile phone, which are then stowed away in the deep crevices of memory card and never again meet the light of day once our phones are replaced. With LifeBuuk, you can now admire the skills of the photographer which is yourself and watch your photos spring into life.

What is LifeBuuk?

LifeBuuk (fully owned and run my BOX BREAKER SDN BHD) is essentially a photo-printing service provided to users to simplify the photobook-making process. LifeBuuk is an app which is available on iOS & Android platforms, which allows users to select 50 photos from their phones/tablets (Camera Roll/ Facebook/Instagram). LifeBuuk prints the photos users upload to them on FUJIFILM Crystal Archive photo paper, bind it in one of the 3 covers selected by the user and deliver to their doorsteps within days. LifeBuuk changes the 3 cover designs on 1st of each month to keep things interesting, and all the photos are detachable from the album for easy sharing.

LifeBuuk is offering the best of both worlds photo-printing solution to customers. It is a photo album with real photos, and if you changed your mind about having the photos attached to the album, you can just detach the photos out from the album. It will only take you minutes to complete and upload the album to us. No more sleepless nights to create photo albums!

Image credit: LifeBuuk
Image credit: LifeBuuk

The LifeBuuk Story

The whole idea was founded in March 2015 and the app was successfully launched on 22nd February 2016. LifeBuuk was founded by a husband-wife team and the wife was constantly stressed out by the fact that all their photos have never been printed out after 6 years of marriage with 2 kids on board (imagine the amount of photos involved!). The wife being non-tech-savvy person didn’t help at all. Making photobooks using the online software was out of the question! The only option left for the wife was bringing the photos to the usual photo-printing outlets to print, which was often inconvenient with too much effort involved. Besides, you will have to look out for the bulky photo albums to insert the loose prints. There seems to be something lacking in the photo-printing solutions the market has to offer.

The above are mainly the reasons why most people stop the photo-printing habit. Hence, the husband-wife team founded LifeBuuk! LifeBuuk comes with 50 FUJIFILM photos already bound in a photo album and the photos are detachable should you want to tear it out to share with someone. With the app, one can do it anytime and anywhere. LifeBuuk is a photo album consisting real photo prints. Hence, our tagline, “LifeBuuk, your real photobook”

Image credit: LifeBuuk
Image credit: LifeBuuk

Touching Lives With LifeBuuk

There have been some enterprises which have shown interests in collaborating with LifeBuuk to complement their marketing strategies. LifeBuuk plans to expand to other countries in the next 5 years, starting from South East Asia countries. When LifeBuuk is already established financially, they wish to establish a LifeBuuk Charitable Foundation called “LifeKid”, whereby a friction of the sales of LifeBuuks go to this foundation and whenever a kid needs money to receive treatment for chronic disease can just apply under this Foundation and receive the money immediately. It is heartbreaking to see parents going through the long process of gathering money from the public via newspapers to save their child’s life. LifeBuuk aims to achieve this in the near future.

Image credit: LifeBuuk
Image credit: LifeBuuk

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Image credit: LifeBuuk
Image credit: LifeBuuk

We believe very much in the philosophy, “Bad times offer New Opportunities”. We hope that one day when people take photos with their phones, they already knew that they will LifeBuuk the photos at the back of their minds.

— LifeBuuk

To find out more about LifeBuuk, please feel free to visit their website here or their Facebook Page.