Legends Claypot Briyani Makes You Come Hungry, Leave Happy

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When we think of South Indian cuisine, a myriad of dishes and spices immediately spring to mind. The distinctive tastes and flavours of Indian food have secured a wide place in everybody’s heart, and the authentic tastes of the Dhosa, Idly, Sambar and Briyani will not fail to make you drool. However, for the unique and notable Briyani in Claypot, make sure you head over to Legends Claypot Briyani.

About Legends Claypot Briyani

Legends Claypot Briyani House is a Malaysian Indian Restaurant serving Claypot Briyani in Brickfields. They serve 13 different types of Briyani along with Banana Leaf Meals and other South Indian Dishes and Malaysian local favourites. Some of the luscious Claypot Briyani dishes that they offer include vegetarian, chicken, fish, mutton and prawn.

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An Upgraded Version of The Classic Briyani

They are the first to introduce Claypot Briyani in Malaysia, though it has now been copied or replicated by other restaurants. They use high grain premium quality Basmathi Rice and cook them in a claypot along with desired meat or vegetables. The briyani is cooked for a specific duration at a specific temperature and then served in the piping hot claypot on a banana leaf with gravy, raita and papadam. It was an original idea by the founder to collaborate Indian Briyani and Chinese Claypot Serving Style. His main aim was to serve briyani in a hot pot. It was an instant hit when he introduced it back in 1997.

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The Creation of Claypot Briyani

Legends Claypot Briyani House was co-founded by Dato Dr. S. Velaitham and Datin Dr. Amutha Valli. They started the business together when they were in their twenties. They did snack food manufacturing under the name of Legend Foods Sdn Bhd and exported their murukku and snacks all over the world in the early 90’s. After a major downfall in 1996, they decided to open the restaurant and from then on, they have been working on building a name and place for Legends Claypot Briyani House in the Malaysian F&B Industry. Currently, Legends is being run by the second generation, daughter Dr. Nalini Velaitham, son in law Mr. Gunaselan Reddy and youngest son, Mr. Logaenthiran under the guidance of the founders.

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Spreading The Love To The Community

Legends Claypot Briyani is proud to share that they are providing career opportunities mainly to Malaysians. They have stopped recruiting foreigners and are now recently offering job opportunities to OKU card holders, transgenders and single mothers. They see this as an effort to provide back to the community. Ultimately, they want to expand the business by increasing the number of outlets in Klang Valley and slowly venture into other states in Malaysia. They are also aggressively expanding their food delivery line to deliver to more areas in Klang Valley.

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

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